Draeger Vinyl Chloride Tubes (C2H3Cl) (10/Box)

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Draeger Vinyl Chloride 0.5/b Tubes can detect VCM with a measuring range of 0.5 to 30 ppm with great accuracy. The VCM 11/a Tubes measure from 100 to 3,000 ppm. Both provide results in just a couple minutes. Sold in sets of 10 tubes, they're an easy and reliable way to sample this dangerous gas.

Draeger's VCM Tubes have a white to violet color change that makes it incredibly easy to read the results. It also features nice spacing between the graduation marks and a wide tube diameter to make the readings easy to see. Used to make PVC, vinyl chloride is abundant for many work places that manufacture products for the automotive industry, electrical wire insulation and cables, piping, and medical supplies.

Draeger tubes have been the go-to source of gas detection for workers for more than 75 years. While their technology has changed since they launched their tubes in the 1930s, their tubes today detect more than 500 different gases.

Key Features:
  • Measuring range of 0.5-5 ppm, 5-30 ppm, or 100-3,000 ppm
  • Results in just a few minutes
  • Ease of use with Draeger Accuro
  • Contrasting colors in the reagent
  • Intrinsically safe method of detection

    Vinyl Chloride (C2H3Cl) Tubes
    Measuring Range: 0.5 - 5 ppm / 5 - 30 ppm
    Standard Deviation: +/- 15-20%
    Color Change: White to violet
    Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 1 / 5
    Time for Measurement: Approximately 30 seconds / approximately 2.5 minutes
    Part Number: 8101721 0.5/b

    Measuring Range: 100-3,000 ppm
    Standard Deviation: +/- 30%
    Color Change: Violet to light brown
    Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 18 to 1
    Time for Measurement: Maximum of 3 minutes
    Part Number: CH19601 100/a
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