Capital Safety DBI-SALA Tie-Back Talon SRL 3101300

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This DBI-SALA tie-back lanyard is 9 1/2 feet in total length. It has 6 feet of lifeline with 3 1/2 feet additional webbing for tie-back function.

Key Features:
  • The industry's first SRL that is designed to withstand the forces and wear associated with tie-back use
  • Unique snap hooks with 5,000 pound gate strength designed specifically for tie-back use
  • Eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector, minimizing cost and installation time
  • Three layers of webbing in the tie-back area of the lifeline provide more abrasion resistance for added safety
  • 3 1/2 feet of tieback webbing ensures that the lifeline can be anchored around most structures
  • Impact indicators on each leg of either the single leg version or twin leg version
  • Compact, lightweight design does not hinder movement providing added worker satisfaction and productivity
  • Quick connect handle allows it to be mounted to a full body harness
  • Durable nylon plastic housing features a non-obtrusive design with rounded corners, providing all-day comfort
  • Meets all applicable industry standards
With Tie-Back Talon you do not need an anchorage connector because you will have one that is built into the Talon. With the Tie-Back feature you will be able to use the 5,000 pound gated snap hook to wrap around an anchor point and tie back onto the abrasion resistant webbing of the SRL. This will eliminate the need of any extra tie-off equipment.

The Talon has reduced fall distances due to the inertia activated brake which will lock quickly when a worker does fall. It will stop within inched and this will provide the worker more protection while working at lower heights. If the lifeline is secured overhead the total fall distance is limited to 42 inches or less.

The Talon is a very user friendly SRL by hooking directly onto the user's harness. Just hook it up by the quick connect handle and you are good to go. When the hooks are not in use you can simply hook them to the front of the harness to keep them out of the way.

Part Number:
More Information
SKU DBI01-3101300
Price $367.00
Product Weight (lbs.) 3.8
Weight 4.8000
MPN 3101300
Safety Standard OSHA
Lifeline Material Nylon Webbing
100% Tie Off No
Weight Capacity 310 Pounds
UPC 840779001095
Color No
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  1. Anthony Villegas

    2014-05-28 16:21:32

    Can the talon be hooked up to anchor point on scissor lift and use the snap hook to D-Ring on harness?

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-05-28 16:21:32

      The Talon SRL can be used in an aerial lift application. See this <a href="">DBI-SALA technical notice regarding aerial lift use</a> for more information.

  2. Don

    2015-02-18 21:20:16

    Can you use it with a cheater to tie off at the foot if no other anchor point is available working elevation 20ft.

    1 answer
    1. Chris

      2015-02-18 21:20:16

      Standard self retracting lifelines, and shock absorbing lanyards for that matter, are not engineered for this method of attachment. For tying off at your feet, the Capital Safety ‘Nano-Lok Edge’ series of SRL’s are the only model rated for this application. These are the only SRL’s in the Miller and DBI product lines designed for attachment to an anchor point below chest level. Extra shock absorbing capacity is built in to keep impact forces below OSHA standards. On our site, please put ‘nano edge’ in the search bar. This will bring back several items, and they are distinctive orange in color.

  3. Chris

    2016-04-08 19:47:14

    Would this type of SRL be allowed for use within aerial lift baskets? Would the extra tie back length create too much free fall?

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-04-08 19:47:14

      Given the anchor point for an aerial lift basket is generally at foot level this product wouldn't be recommended. You'll need an SRL with an integrated shock pack to account for the increased friction of the guard rail. The Nano-Lok is an excellent option.

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