SALA 50 ft. Sealed SRL w/ Retrieval and Rescue Functions

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The Sealed Blok self-retracting lifeline is an advanced take on traditional lanyards and fall arrest equipment from the experts at DBI-SALA. With the usual ability to arrest a fall in a matter of inches, the SRL has one up on traditional lanyards that need a couple of feet. Where the Blok excels is in durability, and flexibility. You have a sealed weatherproof unit, which has an auto-rescue mode, and can even choose a retrieval option which features a winch built right in, making it the ideal SRL and rescue system for confined space or work at heights

.As the name suggests, the unit is completely sealed giving it amazing corrosion resistance, even under the harshest conditions. IP68 rated the tough shell features aluminum housing and stainless steel plating making it incredibly hardy. The whole device can be submerged and the precious inner workings (brakes, springs, etc) won?t even know about it!

Not only built to last, the Blok is built to be strong, too. Capable of taking a 310 lb. (140Kg) load, and snap lock gates rated up to 3,600lbs, the Block gives you great on site flexibility and the option of carrying tools with you.

The line is comprised of galvanized steel, 5mm line, although stainless steel cabling and other size options are available should you need a more durable line for a offshore drilling sites or maintenance on petrochemical processing plants. A pivoting anchor and snap hook remove any awkward twisting of the line.

Outside of the base specs there is plenty of innovation present in this self-retracting lanyard; DBI-SALA's years of expertise in the fall safety industry really do shine through.

On the most basic model there are two descent options, standard SRL mode and auto-rescue mode; this option is one that will arrest a fall, but soon afterwards a special RSQ (rescue ? ahem) centrifugal brake kicks in and will lower you to the ground at a steady, slow and safe pace.

Not only do you have a great, solid piece of fall arrest kit, but you have the option of a Blok SRL that incorporates a winch handle. Letting you switch to a hoist mode, for the delivery and retrieval of equipment or personnel. This winch features a removable crank handle, a mounting bracket should you need to attach it to a hoist, as well as a load taking brake. This option saves you money on the costs of another piece of equipment, but also makes the whole Blok an excellent piece of fall arrest and technical rescue gear.

Further to all of this safety lark, there are two other important innovations from DBI-SALA; firstly the FAST-line system: this allows the end user to quickly and easily change the line in the field. Should it be damaged or unsafe the Blok can be opened and a new line installed with minimal training, and the whole working parts of the Blok remain sealed throughout. Specially designed to be foolproof, the Blok will not operate if the line has not been securely installed.

Secondly there is the i-Safe equipment tracking system in place. Built right into the lanyard block, allowing you to wirelessly scan the RFID tag (with a handheld scanner), log the serial number and any events, storing them securely in an online portal for ease of accountability and upkeep. The RFID tags need no batteries, and are salt-water, dust and grease proof; they will keep working for the whole life of your kit.

With it's array of functions, equipment options and innovative RSQ and i-Safe features, the Sealed Blok self retracting lifeline is a world class piece of kit. OSHA, ANSI certified and with European versions available too.

Part Numbers:
3400930: Galvanized Cable, Steel Snap Hook, Mounting Bracket
3400932: Stainless Steel Cable, Steel Snap Hook
3400940: Galvanized Cable, Steel Snap Hook and Retrieval Winch.
3400942: Stainless Steel Cable, Steel Snap Hook and Retrieval Winch.
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SKU DBI01-340093_
Price $2,938.00
Weight 36.0000
MPN 340093_
Safety Standard OSHA, ANSI
Lifeline Material Galvanized, Stainless Steel
100% Tie Off No
Weight Capacity 420 Pounds
Color Yellow
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