RKI GX-6000 for Benzene and PID HI 72-6XZB-C

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With the 10.0 eV Highly selective PID sensor, the GX-6000 and PID HI can detect the BTEX family of VOCs including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene with a range of 0 – 100 ppm and a library of over 300 VOCs. By using PID pre-filter tubes and a filter tube holder, the GX-6000 can monitor for benzene at a range of 0.01 – 50 ppm by filtering out all other VOCs. The GX-6000 Monitor's unique feature is that it is the only PID instrument on the market with the ability to have two PID sensors functioning in one instrument.

Typical applications include Petroleum and Oil refining, Rubber and Tire manufacturing, Coke and Coal manufacturing, Chemical Industry, Fuel Storage and Tanks, and Hazmat response teams.

Key Features:

  • Benzene specific measurements

  • Benzene Select Mode takes timed samples using pre-filter tube

  • Benzene Filter Tube Holder

  • Long breakthrough times for Benzene filter tubes

  • 10.0 eV Highly selective PID sensor

  • Easily switch VOC target gas

  • Dual channel PIDs utilizing both 10.0 & 10.6 PID sensors

  • 2 smart sensor slots auto recognize PID, IR, and super toxic sensors

  • Internal sample pump

  • Dust & Water resistant IP-67 design

  • Interchangeable battery packs Li-ion / alkaline

  • Operates up to 14 hours on Li-ion battery pack,
    fully recharges in 3 hours

GX-6000 Gas Monitor Operator's Manual

Part Number:
72-6XZB-C GX6000 Monitor C6H6(PID)+ PID HI +Li-Ion Batt 100-240 VAC Charger (excludes the 4-gas sensors)

More Information
Price $5,010.00
Product Weight (lbs.) 1.00
Weight 1.0000
Brand RKI Instruments
Type Multi-Gas
Gas Type No
5th Sensor Benzene (C6H6) with 10.0eV PID
Color Red
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