RKI Eagle LEL/O2 Monitor 72-5201RK

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This RKI Eagle instrument is configured for the detection of combustible hydrocarbons in the ppm range, LEL and oxygen. Very popular with gas utility companies for leak detection and entry into vaults where other typical confined space gases are not a problem. Additional sensors may be added to 'fill out' the instrument, so please contact us to discuss your application.

The standard alkaline batteries will power the unit for up to 30 hours. While 5 feet of hose are included, the powerful internal pump may be used with 125 feet of hose.

Monitor Only 72-5201RK includes:
  • High capacity internal sample draw pump
  • Auto-calibration
  • 5 ft. sample draw hose
  • 10 in. probe with hydrophobic filter
  • Shoulder strap
  • Batteries, size D alkaline (4)
Calibration Kit 81-5201RK adds:
  • 103 liter cylinder of calibration gas
  • -50 percent LEL methane/50ppm CO/12% O2, balance N2
  • Demand Flow Regulator
  • Carrying case (for gas)
  • Screwdriver
  • Tubing
Standard Eagles come with alkaline batteries. To get rechargeable batteries, we add the part number 49-2150RK-01 at $155.00. This includes 4 Ni-Cad batteries and a 115V charger.

Data Logging:
For data logging capabilities we add part # 57-0012RK-01 (internal data-logging board) and part # 82-5007RK (software and cable package) for $305.00.

How often do I need to calibrate my gas monitor?
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Price $1,950.00
SKU RKI01-72-5201RK
Weight 25.0000
Brand RKI Instruments
MPN 72-5201RK
Type Multi-Gas
Gas Type %LEL, O2
5th Sensor No
Color No
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  1. Kathy Miazga

    2014-02-19 22:26:53

    How often does this unit need to be calibrated & do you offer calibration kits for sale?

    1 answer
    1. Justin McCarter

      2014-02-19 22:26:53

      Calibration will depend on the frequency of use as well other factors. Here’s a link that explains some of the issues: <a href="https://www.pksafety.com/docs/How-Often-Do-I-Need-To-Calibrate.pdf">How often do I need to calibrate? </a><br>
      As a general rule if you use the monitor daily, you can calibrate every month, if you use it weekly, calibrate quarterly, and if you use it very infrequently, calibrate before each use. <br>
      As far as the calibration kit does, the Eagle I does has a kit available. It adds $530 to the price of the monitor and includes:
      Long sample hose<br>
      Special probes<br>
      Dilution fittings<br>
      Continuous operation adapters<br>
      Remote alarms and strobes<br>
      Internal hydrophobic filter <br>
      The Eagle I does not have an available Calibration Station which will calibrate and bump test the unit automatically.
      The Eagle II does have an automated Calibration Station.

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