Draeger Phosgene Tubes (CCl2O) (10/Box)

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Draeger Phosgene Tubes come in two measuring ranges to give plastic and pesticide production workers different options for detecting this extremely harmful gas. Once used in chemical warfare in the first World War, dangerous levels of phosgene can cause pulmonary problems and even death.

Using the Draeger Accuro Manual Pump, workers can get an accurate sample in just a matter of minutes. The tubes feature well-spaced graduation marks, wide diameters, and the best reacting reagents in the business.

Set of 10 detector tubes.

Key Features:
  • Fast, accurate results
  • 0.02 to 1 ppm or 0.25 to 5 ppm measuring ranges
  • Well-spaced graduation marks
  • Ten tubes per box
  • Easy-to-see color differences in the reagents

    Phosgene (CCl2O) Tubes
    Measuring Range: 0.02 to 1 ppm / 0.02 to 0.6 ppm
    Standard Deviation: +/- 10-15%
    Color Change: White to red
    Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 20 / 40
    Time for Measurement: About 6 minutes / about 12 minutes
    Part Number: 8101521 0.02/a

    Measuring Range: 0.25 to 5 ppm
    Standard Deviation: +/- 15-20%
    Color Change: Yellow to blue green
    Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 5
    Time for Measurement: About 1 minute
    Part Number: CH28301 0.25/c
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