Petzl Confined Space Rescue Kit

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The Petzl Confined Space Rescue Kit makes equipping your confined space team simple. Customers working in confined space on a regular basis will get comfort and reliability with their tools using this Petzl kit. Utilizing the most lightweight, ergonomic technology, this system by Petzl was developed by climbing enthusiasts specifically for safety and technical rescue in areas of difficult access on job sites. We also offer reliable head protection equipment by Petzl, such as the popular Petzl helmet VERTEX BEST, and more.

This particular Confined Space Rescue Kit is recommended by Petzl for entry and retrieval in their training classes at the Petzl factory in Utah. This long-line arrangement with gang haul is designed to hold the weight of one or two people. It is of particular use in difficult access situations such as grain silos, tanks, ventilation shafts and manholes. Specialists trained in confined space rescue will appreciate the smooth action and the easy set-up of this Kit with 4:1 Pulley System and patented I’D S self-braking belay descender device.

Petzl has been a leading name in work at height solutions and technical workplace rescue for many years. Their equipment is of the highest quality and is generally less bulky, cumbersome, and more comfortable than many other brands. Each piece of this set-up is individually tested.

Included In This Kit:

The I’D S Self-Braking Descender features an anti-panic function. If the descent handle is pulled too aggressively, the I’D S Descender bypasses the descent function by releasing the pivoting cam and automatically stops downward motion by braking. The purpose of the Descender in this application is to take up the slack in the line attached to the load as the gang haul brings the load up. Additionally, an anti-error safety cam is in place to reduce the risk of incorrect installation of the I’D S Descender on the rope. This tool is ergonomically designed to aid in the smooth operation and rope glide during ascent.

Self-Braking Descender with Anti-Panic Function

The P65A Twin Pulley is a highly efficient (97 percent) double Prusik pulley by Petzl. It is designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch, a special climbing knot that tightens with pressure and relaxes without it, or in this kit, with the more high-tech D20 I’D S Descender. The Twin features large, smooth-running sheaves with sealed ball bearings. The P50A Rescue Pulley is a durable and efficient pulley that has swinging side plates for ease of assembly. It is designed to work well under heavy loads, whether hauling equipment or for rescue. The Rescue Pulley accepts up to three carabiners to accommodate different set-up configurations. The B50A Rescucender is a cam-loaded rope clamp. The purpose of the Rescucender is to keep the loaded line from slipping as the gang haul is moved up. A team member minds the Rescucender and moves it down the line each time purchase is hauled. This piece can be deconstructed and attached to any point on the rope. The removable axle is attached with a locking pin and held on with line to reduce the risk of accidental disassembly. The AM’D Triact-Lock Carabiner is a D-shaped carabiner for connecting devices on harnesses and belay devices. The D-shape is the strongest of all carabiner designs in terms of strength-to-weight ratios. It has an auto-locking system so the possibility of unintended disengagement is greatly reduced. The Petzl Vector Rope in 200 foot lengths provides durability and strength with special production processes to make it easier to flake, store and hold its shape. *The PK Safety Supply staff have attended the Petzl Confined Space Rescue courses in order to better assist the confined space community when choosing their site-specific tools. Confined space entry and rescue often involve complex pulley systems and can only be installed and operated by specially trained team members who have the ability to make suitable assessments about the choice of techniques and the hazards of the rescue or work environment. Whether your particular site plan calls for easier-to-install downward evacuation, upward evacuation, or moving victims over obstacles by way of Tyrolean traverse, Petzl and the confined space experts at PK Safety Supply can help build the rescue system best suited for your work environment. Part Numbers: PET01-M34 ATL - Carabiner (4) PET01-D200S0 - Descender PET01-P65A - Twin Pulley (2) PET01-P50A - Rescue Pulley PET01-B50A - Rescuecender PET01-R074AA06- Vector Rope (2)

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  1. jan

    2016-05-06 19:46:53

    If we purchase this item, is there a certificate for this one? a test certificate.

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-05-06 19:46:53

      This item doesn't come with any certificates. The items all meet ANSI standards and come with approvals that state as much.

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