Petzl Confined Space Access Kit

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The Petzl Confined Space Access Kit is designed to simplify equipping a confined space or remote access team. Simple set-up and reliability means your team spends more time working, and less time getting ready. The Petzl system is designed for those working in confined space or needing a dependable pulley system on a regular basis, and who look for comfort and reliability in their tools.

Kit Includes:
  • Petzl D20 I'D S Descender
  • Two (2) Petzl P65A Twin Pulley
  • Three (3) Petzl M34ATL AM'D Triact-Lock Carabiner
  • 200 feet of Petzl Axis 11mm Rope
  • Optional: Petzl R41 Rope Bucket Bag
When your team goes in for a confined space rescue, they will have enough to worry about without doubting their equipment. Each piece of this Petzl Confined Space Rescue Kit has been individually tested. These tools of the confined space trade are as solid and as light-weight as technology and materials allow.

The action on the 4:1 pulleys and the I'D S descender devices is smooth and precise. The I'D S Self-Braking Descender makes your descent comfortable. The smooth action of the descent handle mechanism inspires confidence and the rate of descent is easily controlled. And while unexpected things can happen during a descent or retrieval, the I'D S Descender is made for the unintended. With a smart anti-panic feature, the I'D S brakes automatically if the descent lever is pulled to aggressively. Downward motion is halted in this event with the automatic release of the pivoting cam. In this application, the I'D S descender is used by the outside attendant to measure the rate of descent for the person going into the confined space.

From their anchored position the team member simply brings back the lever until the person or the gear starts to descend and easily controls the speed with the ergonomic and intuitive handle. The Twin is a highly capable and efficient double pulley by Petzl. Two Twins are used in this configuration to create a 4:1 pulley system that combines smooth action with high efficiency haul. The Twin features lightweight design with silky smooth-reeling sheaves allow for easier hauling. The Twin also accepts up to 3 carabiners to provide greater anchoring and attachment options.

The AM'D Triact-Lock Carabiner is intrinsically strong; the D-shaped carabiner tests out to be the strongest of all shapes of carabiners. The closing device on the AM'D allows simple and secure connection attachment for all devices in this access kit. Because the closure device on the AM'D must be twisted against its internal spring to open, and closes with a snap, the possibility of the attachment coming apart unintentionally is greatly, greatly reduced.

Petzl Axis Rope comes in 200 ft. lengths. Like the other components of this confined space access kit, the line is also tested and designed specifically for at-height applications. Obviously strong, the Axis rope is also manufactured to make it easier to flake or coil and to maintain its shape. This helps the team avoid kinks and knots that can slow or hamper descent and retrieval. Recommended by Petzl for entry and retrieval in their training classes at the Petzl factory in Utah, this is a simple and efficient set-up for raising or lowering one or two people. It is of particular use in access areas where ample overhead room is available such as grain silos, tanks, some ventilation shafts and most manholes.

Petzl Pro for professional applications of climbing, at-height work and confined space rescue and access grew from Petzl's core strength of climbing. Mountain rescue techniques were channeled into confined space and at-height situations. The result is technical rescue gear that is second to none. Petzl has created lightweight, professional strength technology that is also very comfortable to wear. Providing confined space rescue and access solutions was a natural for a company like Petzl whose focus for so many years had been technical climbing solutions for enthusiasts.

At PK Safety, our commitment to serving our customers has taken us all the way to Utah where staff members attended the Petzl Confined Space Rescue courses so they could see and use the equipment first-hand and be better able to assist and answer any questions you may have about this kit and customizing the Petzl gear to meet your site-specific challengesNo matter what those challenges include, you can be confident that PK Safety and Petzl products can help you put a system together to accomplish your goals. Whether those goals include upward evacuation, downward evacuation, or moving gear or accident victims horizontally over obstacles, we can help build the right rescue structure for your work environment.

Confined space entry and rescue teams are highly trained for the work they do. Their tools, like this confined space access kit, often involve complicated rope and pulley systems operating in dangerous environments. Operating systems and rescue plans must be developed by suitably trained safety team members who have the ability to assess the specific issues involved in their confined space environment.

Part Numbers:
D200S0 - Descender
(2) P65A - Twin Pulley
(3) M34A TL - Carabiner
R074AA06 - Axis Rope
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  1. Cooper

    2014-06-24 21:58:01

    I was wondering if your Petzl Confined Space Access Kit is OSHA approved.

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-06-24 21:58:01

      While OSHA doesn't specifically approve fall protection or access equipment, all the equipment in this kit meets OSHA specifications.

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