Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator Combination

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We have paired Moldex's revolutionary 9000 series respirator with a set of 7600 Multi-Gas Vapor Smart Cartridges and a pair of P100 Hepa filters for an unbelievable low price. We recommend wearing an asbestos mask if you are working on the heating vents or ducts, popcorn ceilings, automotive brake linings, or pipe insulation. We also offer lead and asbestos removal kit that gives you everything you need to complete your home improvement projects. Another great choice is the 3m full face respirator and the 3m half face respirator that offer the highest level of protection.

The 3M 6000 Lead & Asbestos Mask Combination is our most recommended and popular respirator package for lead and asbestos protection. This combination will protect you from:

  • Asbestos
  • Ammonia
  • Chlorine (bleach)
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Hydrogen Chloride
  • Hydrogen Fluoride
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Methylamine
  • Organic Vapors
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Formaldehyde

With this respiratory protection combination, you receive all of the following for one low price:

Here’s how this respiratory protection combo can offer worker safety and ensure proper regulatory compliance:

MOLDEX 9000 FULL FACE RESPIRATOR Moldex is a pioneer in respiratory protection and its innovative 9000 series reflects the company's ingenuity. Built into the design is an exhalation system that features an easy snap-in mount and lock for quickly and easily attaching filter cartridges and disks. It is this versatile exhalation system that makes the respirator ideal for many different uses.

Here are a few examples of this Moldex Combination at work:

Workplace Situation #1: Agricultural workers spray crops with pesticides. They attach a pair of Moldex 7600 Multi-Gas Vapor Smart Cartridges to each side of the mask to filter out the organic vapor from the pesticide and also attach two Moldex 7940 P100 particulate filter disks to the smart cartridges to protect against particles that disperse when spraying.

Work Area Situation #2: A woodworker seeks breathing and eye protection from sawdust and flying wood chips. The Moldex 9000 provides the necessary protection and the full face respirator doesn't hinder the woodworker’s vision because the protective device has an extra wide angle lens for viewing. To protect against irritants, the woodworker snaps a P100 particulate filter onto the respirator. As these examples illustrate, the Moldex 9000 full face respirator can handle one or more filters, so if you need respiratory protection from other contaminants besides asbestos, you can add on as many cartridges as necessary, in order to provide a safe breathing environment.

Protection It Offers: The Moldex reusable full face respirator is designed to provide protection against asbestos and can be used in any workplace that needs to comply with OSHA and EPA regulations, or provide HEPA protection. With the cartridges and filters included in this respiratory protection combination, the Moldex 9000 protects workers in environments where the following gases, vapors and airborne particles are present including ammonia chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, methylamine, organic vapors, and sulfur dioxide. It also protects against particles released into the air from processing coal, minerals, iron ore, cotton and other substances, and vapors and particles released from liquid or oil based sprays.

Best Uses: In any type of job where a worker is exposed to asbestos. Companies that perform building inspections, lead and asbestos abatement, water restoration and flood damage cleanup, hazmat cleanup, disaster recovery, vehicle brake and clutch repair, fiberglass work and construction renovations in old buildings should equip their workers with a full face respirator that protects against asbestos, lead dust. The Moldex 9000 full face respirator also can be used by other industries where full face protection is safer for the worker. Since this respirator model can accommodate many different types of filtering cartridges, it can be used in numerous commercial and industrial applications. Industries that use the Moldex 9000 full face respirator include medical, particularly specialties where embalming fluids are used, emergency response, welding, construction, woodworking, automotive maintenance and repair, auto body work, aluminum processing, chemical manufacturing, electroplating, refinishing work and jobs where paints are used. This can also be used if you work in a salon where Brazilian Blowouts are performed. The salon is exposed to formaldehyde during this process.

MOLDEX 7600 MULTI-GAS VAPOR SMART CARTRIDGES The Moldex 7600 Multi-Gas Vapor Smart Cartridges work in tandem with the Moldex 9000 full face respirator to offer protection against 10 different types of gases and vapors that may exist in an indoor or outdoor work environment. Multi-use cartridges are much more cost effective because one cartridge gets the job done instead of having individual cartridges for each contaminant.

Protection They Offer: These smart cartridges protect against various hazardous gases and vapors. Among them are organic vapors, ammonia chlorine, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine dioxide and methylamine.

Best Uses: Think about your workplace and the types of gases and vapors that workers are exposed to when performing their jobs. The Moldex 7600 Multi-Gas Vapor Smart Cartridges handle chemicals commonly found in pesticides, fertilizer, processing plants, treatment plants, chemical manufacturing, medical and research laboratories, paper and pulp manufacturing, petrochemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, aluminum reduction, mining, and various environments in the public utility industry. These smart cartridges also are beneficial for military personnel who handle gaseous materials or are on missions where they may face hazardous gases or vapors. Multi-gas vapor cartridges should also be considered for emergency response teams so they are prepared to handle any respiratory hazard.

MOLDEX 7940 PARTICULATE FILTERS The Moldex 7940 P100 filter disks are HEPA-rated particulate filters that protect workers against small particle dusts. They attach either directly to either side of the Moldex 9000 full face respirator or to a smart cartridge using the piggyback adapter.

Protection They Offer: P100 filter disks are what filter toxic dusts, like asbestos and lead. These filters also protect against microorganisms and small airborne particles, including oil-based particulates; non-toxic dust, such as wood; grain dust; fiberglass dust; metal fumes; and other micro-particulates.

Best Uses: As P100 filters, they protect workers against any environment where hazardous particulate matter is present. As a rule, a P100 filter should be used with the Moldex 9000 full face respirator when toxic and non-toxic particles, including oil-based particulates, fumes and mists, exist in the work area. And as HEPA filters, these disks can be used in most medical and medical laboratory applications.

MOLDEX 7920 PIGGYBACK ADAPTERS With the Moldex 7920 Piggyback Adapters, you can connect filter disks, such as the Moldex 7940 P100, to smart cartridges. The adapters, one for each side of the Moldex 9000 full face respirator, are an economical way to provide dual protection against dangerous gases or vapors and irritating or hazardous particles. When everything in this respiratory protection combination is used together, you are protected from asbestos, ammonia chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, methylamine, organic vapors and sulfur dioxide. It’s complete protection at a price that can't be beat.

Note: Moldex does not recommend this product for mold. For mold remediation, we recommend the 3M 68097.

*Note: Please fit test each user to ensure the respirator will work properly for full protection, and reference OSHA regulations on respiratory protection (29 CFR 1910.134).

Parts Include:

One Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator

A Pair of Multi-Gas Vapor Smart Cartridges

A Pair of Moldex 7940 P100, HEPA-rated filter disks

A Pair of Moldex 7920 Piggyback Adapters

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SKU MOL01-9000-7640
Price $184.55
Weight 2.0000
Size No
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Color Gray
Protection From Most Dusts, Lead and Asbestos, Organic Vapors, Chlorine (Bleach)
Brand Moldex
MPN 7640
UPC 092311900209
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  1. Hubert

    2014-02-04 16:47:48

    Can I wear glasses under the mask?

    1 answer
    1. Justin McCarter

      2014-02-04 16:47:48

      The arms (what some folks call the temples) of regular glasses will interfere with the face seal of the respirator. We carry a Moldex Spectacles Kit (part number 0098) that fits inside the mask and doesn't affect the seal. <br>
      You will need to get your prescription filled with the insert kit. Call customer service for ordering help at 1-800-829-9580.

  2. Ken Sampson

    2014-05-14 15:05:58

    How does the green filter connect to the pink one

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-05-14 15:05:58

      The green Smart Cartridge attaches to the mask. The pink P100 filter attaches to the cartridge using a <a href="">piggyback adapter</a>.

  3. steve roberts

    2014-10-15 18:28:43

    Is there a way to try on the full face mask and check for seal, without contaminating the mask, in case the guess on the fit is incorrect?

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-07-17 15:44:29

      Unfortunately there isn’t a way for us to accept the masks back once they’ve been opened. Both Moldex and 3M go have information on their sites that says a medium mask will conform to 80% of all faces. If you’re in the 10% either higher or lower, you will have had experience with sunglasses and hats in the past that will let you know. Sorry that’s not a more satisfying answer, but the face seal really does fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes. <br>
      We do sell the Spectacles Kit for this mask (MOL01-0098).

  4. Ian McGee

    2014-08-07 22:25:34

    Would contact lenses be OK to wear with this mask while spraying industrial coating?

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-08-07 22:24:27

      Yes. Contact lenses are fine to wear inside a full-face mask. Some people have noted they tend to dry out over time, and you won't be able to adjust them easily if the need should arise. But there is nothing in the Moldex instructions that prohibits or cautions against it.

  5. Joe

    2016-01-22 16:37:32

    I've just recently started shopping for a personal face-mask to take with me to work as a way to kind of look out for my own health when employers don't always uphold to my standards. Hopefully you can help point me in the right direction.

    I'm in the swimming pool industry, and a lot of jobs are re-models. I spend some days grinding thinsets, grouts, concrete, and various cementitious products.
    Also deal with chemicals, a lot of muriatic acid, vapor fumes from acid washing surfaces

    I need constant eye protections, and want to cut down the amount of stuff I'm breathing in. I am bearded, full beard couple inches? Nothing can seal above my neck, in front of my ears.

    What would a mask like this one do for me in those work environments?

    If the mask can't make a seal on my face, would the lenses fog?

    Best guess at how many hours of heavy dust in the air, enough to impair vision, would a cartridge last?

    Is there something better for my situation? and is there a solution in my situation under 500?

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-01-22 16:37:32

      Because of your beard this item will not work. It cannot create a seal and all the filters will be useless. You will need a PAPR system (please search our website for PAPR for examples) unfortunately they aren't available for under $500 and the filters need to be replaced often and are quite expensive. We have a solution for around $120 but you would have to remove your beard. If you decide to go that route item "Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator Combination" will work perfectly for you.

  6. Richard

    2016-03-09 22:03:04

    i want to purchase some items to renovate my home. There is lead paint and some asbestos in house. I am not sure what size to buy for the full face respirator? Would I go with my hat size? I wear a 7 5/8. Thanks

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-03-09 22:03:04

      We get asked this question frequently and have created a blog post to help answer.

  7. Scott

    2016-08-10 19:54:00

    I'm going to be working with old blown attic insulation. I want a full face respirator. Last time I did this type work in my house I got sick.

    Is the Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator Combination appropriate for this type of work?


    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-08-10 19:54:00

      Yes, this is an excellent application for that respirator.

  8. Cooper

    2016-08-23 14:56:00

    I'm buying this mask for painting however I was wondering if it could be used for airsoft or paintball?

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-08-23 14:56:00

      Unfortunately this mask is not approved for those applications.

  9. Thomas

    2017-06-17 00:00:00

    Am I correct in assuming that the seal for breathing is separate from the seal for eye protection. I wear glasses and am aware that the seal is not 100% effective for eye protection with glasses on but will still keep out say 90% of the dust or other particles in the air. While the breathing air is still 100% effective.

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-06-23 22:01:05

      You are correct in that assumption. The breathing part is separate, but if you wear glasses and use the full face, it will create an inaccurate seal.

  10. M

    2017-07-31 00:00:00

    What is the part number for this combo mask?

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-08-03 21:29:33

      One Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator (9001, 9002, 9003)

      A Pair of Multi-Gas Vapor Smart Cartridges (7600)

      A Pair of Moldex 7940 P100, HEPA-rated filter disks (7940)

      A Pair of Moldex 7920 Piggyback Adapters (7920)

      Part numbers in parenthesis.

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