Manning EC-FX Ammonia Gas Sensor (250ppm) ECFX-250

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The new Manning EC-FX Ammonia Gas Sensor at 250ppm from Honeywell Analytics features an all new ammonia sensor that surpasses what other competitors are now offering. With components that can stand up to the harshest of environments, be confident in the effectiveness of your detection system to prevent workplace injury, food spoilage, and exorbitant costs. The ECFX-250's advance sensor cell can last 3-4 years in refrigerated environments, and the entire unit can connect to your building's computer controlled systems through a linear 4/20 mA signal.

Why Monitor Ammonia?
Produced naturally by way of organic decomposition, ammonia is a colorless and highly irritating gas that can cause severe chemical burns through the nose, throat and respiratory tract. Ingestion can result in corrosive damage in the stomach. Ammonia is essential to many industries mainly as refrigerant gas, water supply purification and in manufacturing.

Available configurations include optional real-time LCD of gas concentrations, ATMOS Technology for below freezing operation, and NEMA Type 1 or stainless steel enclosures. Check out our list of EC-FX monitors for alternative ppm ranges:

Key Features:
  • Rugged construction for long-term reliability. Heavy-duty steel enclosure built to withstand cold and wet environments. Also available in stainless steel
  • Equipped with SensorCheck microprocessor to check electrical viability of sensor every 24 hours for proper operation
  • Clearly see ammonia concentration at any given time with optional easy to read LCD
  • Electrochemical (diffusion) type sensor works with any Honeywell Analytics readout or alarm unit; Can provide linear 4/20 mA signal input into PLC's
  • Environmental IP rating of 44 in accordance with EN60529:1992
  • Sensor warranty of three years from date of shipment
Optional Features:
  • ATMOS Technology lets your EC-FX automatically adapts to its environment to operate in -50°F and 100 percent humidity. So whether you’re monitoring ammonia in a banana room or a blast freezer, during dry conditions or a hot-water washdown, the detector maintains accurate and reliable performance.
  • NEMA 1 or Stainless Steel Enclosure. Choose NEMA 1 with internal gasket to protect from light, dust, and indirect splashing. Prevents contact with live electrical parts. Explosion-proof stainless steel enclosure is also available.
  • LCD for real-time visibility. With an easy-to-read display, you can clearly see the ammonia concentration at any given time. The optional display also makes it easy to set alarm levels and change settings — all from the detector.
Potential Applications:
Bakeries, beverage, bottling plants, blast, spiral freezers, chemical manufacturing, gas bottling plants, coolers, duct-mounted sensors, equipment rooms, food processing, fruit, vegetable processing, ice cream storage, penthouses, perimeter monitoring, potable water plants, poultry, meat, fish processing, NOx reduction (power plants), refrigeration systems, storage freezers, turbine inlet cooling, wineries.

EC-FX-NH3 Brochure and Specs:

Building a Better Sensor:

Instruction and Installation Manual:

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