DBI-SALA Lad-Saf Ladder Safety System

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The Lad-Saf Flexible Cable Ladder Safety System installs quickly and with simple tools on any straight steel ladder. It allows you and your team to climb safely while providing important fall protection on ladders for towers, silos, tanks buildings and more. Please note, the cable sleeve that attaches to the climber's harness is sold separately.

The Lad-Saf system is made from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and is designed to be maintenance-free. When installing the Lad-Saf system there is an indicator on the top bracket to show the installer when the correct tension has been achieved.

Because even short falls of a foot or two can create a lot of force on the body, the bracket also has a built-in spring, or elastomeric impact attenuator, that serves to lessen the impact of a worker's fall when attached to the cable.

Cable Guides secure the cable when not in use and keep it from moving and creating wear and tear in the wind. Pull the cable out of the holders on the way up, and push them back in on the way down. For ladders over 25 ft. cable guides are recommended for proper installation and are included in the price when you choose the length for your system.

This piece comes separately, but is essential to the system. The Lad-Saf Cable Sleeve attaches to the climber's attaches to the climber's full body harness (also sold separately) and locks onto the cable if the worker slips or falls. The sleeve can be easily attached and detached anywhere along the cable, and is designed to follow after you without binding unless there is a fall.

Features of the Lad-Saf System:
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Easy to install
  • 3/8 in. (9.5mm) diameter high-strength 1x7 strand galvanized cable
  • Non-metallic cable guides reduce cable wear
  • Attaches to ladder rungs up to 1-1/8 in. diameter
Alternate Applications:
A range of attachment options - from bolt-on to weld-on and many other rung clamp sizes and styles - are available. Other lengths of cable as well as stainless steel components for use on offshore oil drilling rigs or in petrochemical plant maintenance are also available. For convenience, we have listed the most popular to illustrate the pricing. If you'd like to discuss your site specific needs, please contact PK Safety.com for more information.

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Part Numbers:
6116280 - Top Bracket Assembly
6100090 - Bottom Bracket Assembly
6100400 - Cable Guide Assembly (every 25 ft)
6110000 - Galvanized Cable (6110020, 6110040, 6110050, 6110100, 6110200)
6160030 - DBI-Sala Lad-Saf X2 Detachable Cable Sleeve (Sold separately from the kit)
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