Cortex Ivy X Pre-Contact Skin Solution 83670

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Ivy X Pre-Contact Skin Barrier helps protect your skin from rashes and other reactions from contact with poisonous plant oils (Urushiol). Protects against poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

Ivy X dries quickly and forms a barrier that doesn't wipe off or form clay-like caking on the skin like zinc-based products.

Ivy X is an easy product to apply and is water- and sweat-resistant. To take the product off, simply wash with soap and water.

This product is made in the U.S.A.

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83670 - Ivy X Pre-Contact Skin Barrier, 1 gallon
71750 - Gallon pump
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    2014-07-01 15:33:09

    What happened to the easy to use moist cloth packets?

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-07-01 15:22:50

      The <a href="">Coretex Ivy X moist towelettes</a> are still available on our site.

  2. Ken

    2015-12-09 16:59:30

    When I will be in poison oak terrain I will be using sunscreen. Can I use Ivy X and sunscreen together? Which goes on first?

    Better idea - can you make Ivy X with sunscreen capabilities?

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2015-12-09 16:59:30

      You would apply the sunscreen first and the Ivy-X second. The Ivy-X forms a physical barrier so would always want to go on last.
      Combining the 2 is a great idea and we'll definitely mention it to the manufacturer.

  3. Paula

    2017-05-22 00:00:00

    I have two questions. What are the ingredients in this product? I would like to know to make sure I feel that it is safe. I don not use regular pest repellents such as deet.
    Second question is : Can it be used on pets? often get poison oak form my dogs and I cannot bathe them daily.

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-06-09 20:16:20

      Per the manufacturer there are no hazardous materials:

      Also, the pre-contact is to be applied onto skin, so no it will not work on pets.

  4. Nate

    2017-06-29 00:00:00

    Does this have an odor? I would be using this while bowhunting where keeping scent to a minimum is Paramount.

    Is this only applied to skin, or is it applied to clothing as well?

    Without washing off, how long is this effective?

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-07-06 21:50:00

      Yes, this has a mint odor. The product is to be only applied to skin. The manufacturer does not have a time frame for the product, only to be reapplied after each outing pre & post contact.

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