Draeger Hydrochloric Acid Tubes (HCL) (10/Box)

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Draeger Hydrochloric Acid Detector Tubes give our customers working in shipyards, construction, and various other job sites reliable detection of HCl. This box of 10 tubes is a simple and effective way to make sure you're working in a safe environment.

Most industries are allowed a permissible exposure limit of 5 ppm of HCl. The Draeger 1/a Hydrochloric Acid Detector Tubes measure from 1 to 10 ppm while the 50/a version has a range of 50 to 5,000 ppm. Hazardous levels can cause eye problems, skin irritation, and serious respiratory effects. Using the Draeger Accuro manual bellows-style pump, you'll be able to get readings within a 10% (+/-) deviation within just a couple of minutes.

The reagent used is yellow but turns a contrasting blue once it's been used for detecting HCl. The tube also has a wide diameter and well-spaced graduation marks, making it incredibly easy to read your results.

Draeger was a pioneer in colorimetric gas detector tubes back when they first launched theirs in 1937. Today they're still an industry leader and make more than 200 tubes that detect more than 500 different gases. They make hydrogen chloride detection incredibly easy and affordable for a variety of different work places.

Key Features:
  • Easy-to-read and well-spaced graduation marks
  • Accurate, fast results
  • Wide diameter
  • Box of 10
  • 10-15% deviation from results

    Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Tubes
    Measuring Range: 500 to 5,000 / 50 to 500 ppm
    Standard Deviation: +/- 10-15%
    Color Change: Blue to white-yellow
    Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 1 / 10
    Time for Measurement: About 30 seconds / about 5 minutes
    Part Number: 6728181 50/a

    Measuring Range: 1 to 10 ppm
    Standard Deviation: +/- 10-15%
    Color Change: Blue to yellow
    Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 10
    Time for Measurement: About 2 minutes
    Part Number: CH29501 1/a

    Measuring Range: 0.2 to 3 ppm / 3 to 20 ppm
    Standard Deviation: +/- 10-15%
    Color Change: Blue to yellow
    Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 10 / 2
    Time for Measurement: About 2 minutes / 0.4 minutes
    Part Number: 8103481 0.2/a
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    Brand Draeger
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    1. bilal ahamd

      2018-01-15 06:57:24

      My question is regarding discolration on tube, what is the pink/orange color on top of tube which we use for Hydrochloric acid. what that pink color of?


      1 answer
      1. Hannah .

        2018-01-15 17:30:16

        For the Hydrochloric Acid tubes, the only color change should be from blue to yellow (under the black line).

        Hope this helps :)

    2. manfus yam

      2018-02-07 01:28:37

      Hi, I would like to clarify this tube is for determination of Hydrochloric acid or Hydrogen Chloride? Thanks

      1 answer
      1. Hannah .

        2018-02-07 16:21:15

        This particular tube is for testing hydrochloric acid.

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