3M 6000 Series Half Facepiece Respirator

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The 6000 Series maintenance-free, reusable respirator from 3M is the basic face piece we recommend when starting to build a complete mask. Like the other 3M filter masks we sell, it requires no extra parts to attach the filters or cartridges directly to the facepiece. They attach with a simple 1/4 turn bayonet style fitting and requires no tools. The cartridges and filters are set low on the facepiece to provide better visibility. Use the asbestos mask if you are working on heating ducts or vents, popcorn ceilings, or pipe insulation. 3M 6000 Lead and Asbestos Mask Combination is our most recommended package for lead and asbestos protection. If your job requires protection against organic vapors, choose the 3M 6001 organic vapor cartridge that is NIOSH-approved for a wide variety of organic vapors, and easily attaches to the 3M 6000 and 7500 series masks. Looking for a perfect filter for protection against toxic dusts and for mold remediation? Use the 3m 2097 filters that fit on the 3M 6000 and the 3M 7500 Series half masks, and the 3M full face respirator 6000 series.

The lightweight design is comfortable for longer periods of wear, while the adjustable cradle suspension holds the respirator in place for maximum fit and comfort. The center section of the mask is dark grey plastic with a rubbery light grey elastomeric compound to provide the seal against the face.

We say that the mask is maintenance-free only in comparison to older styles of masks that were quite expensive and had numerous replacement parts available. The price of the 3M 6000 half mask makes this unnecessary. So you can wash the mask with warm soap and water to keep it fresh and clean, but when the seal starts to break down, just replace the mask.

NIOSH/MSHA approved.

Mask only - 3M Filters and cartridges are sold separately.

Please note that this mask is also available as an assembly with filters and/or cartridges included.

3M 6000 Paint Spray and Pesticide Respirator

3M 6000 Asbestos and Lead Mask

Part Numbers:
6100 - Small
6200 - Medium
6300 - Large
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  1. David

    2015-01-07 23:20:17

    I am looking for a mask that will greatly assist in preventing the odor of a decaying human body. As a Justice of the Peace I am called to perform inquests on deceased persons that may have been demised for an extended period of time. What do you recommend?

    1 answer
    1. Chris

      2015-01-07 23:20:17

      For this application, what you want is a mask with activated charcoal cartridges. The finely ground charcoal absorbs vapors out of the air as it is drawn through the cartridge. For the 3M 6000 series respirators, this would be the 3M 6001 organic vapor cartridge. This should be quite effective in removing the offensive odors related to decomposing bodies.

      We have also had good success using nuisance organic vapor type dust masks. For instance the Moldex 2400. Not going to have the same capacity as a cartridge type mask. But as an alternative it might be worth looking at.

  2. Ray

    2017-01-09 19:13:38

    I presume this does not work on someone with a facial hair, but would it work with a goatee?

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-01-09 19:13:38

      Unfortunately, no. To have a clean seal, you would need to have no facial hair, including a goatee.

  3. Lindsay

    2017-03-13 00:00:00

    How do I determine what size mask I need for the 6000 series mask?

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-03-20 18:38:22

      If you’re not sure what size to get, we would suggest the Medium. The Medium fits 80% of folks out there. The goal is to get a good seal over the nose and mouth. If you were in the 10% with a much larger face size, you’d know it because of past experiences having most hats and sunglasses not fit your face.

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