GRILLON HOOK Adjustable Lanyard with Handle and Protective Sheath L52H

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The Petzl GRILLON HOOK is a compact and highly adjustable work positioning lanyard. The adjustable lanyard allows you to comfortably position your work station in two ways: attached to side positioning loops on the harness or vertically hanging from the central chest D-ring. Note, this positioning lanyard must be combined with a fall arrest system. This version of the GRILLON comes with a HOOK connector for lateral harness attachment points and small diameter anchors.

The length is easy to adjust: pull on the rope to shorten, to lengthen simply press on the cam.

The Petzl GRILLON HOOK work positioning lanyard meets or exceeds all US OSHA and ANSI standards for positioning lanyards as well as International standards for temporary anchor (CE EN 795), work positioning (CE EN 358) and temporary horizontal lifeline.

Why We Recommend It:
Petzl has been obsessing over climbing and the perfect ways of moving around using rope for more than 60 years. The GRILLON is a great example of the Petzl attention to detail: the self-blocking device is simple to use and has been ergonomically tested to work each and every time.

How To Use the GRILLON:
The GRILLON lanyard can be used in two ways: in single or double mode. In double mode, the user stands on his feet. He chooses an anchor at hip-height and uses the GRILLON lanyard on both of the lateral attachment points. This allows a good weight distribution on the waist belt.

In single mode, the user is standing on his feet and chooses an anchor at a high point overhead. He attaches the line to his ventral or chest loop for good weight distribution across the waist and thighs. Going over the side and using the handle, the user can progressively release the rope to lower themselves. If the user needs to get very close to the anchor point, the removable sheath can be taken off so they can gain closer access. The GRILLON work positioning lanyard is composed of a semi-static rope, two plastic end sheaths with sewn terminations, a removable protective sheath, and a self-blocking device for rope adjustment.

Tower climbers in the Energy and Broadcast Industries, Cellular tower technicians, Wind energy workers.

Key Features:
  • Lanyard with fine adjustment system for precise work positioning
  • HOOK connector for small diameter anchors
  • Vertical or horizontal uses for appropriate weight distribution
  • Compact and adjustable with handle equipped
  • Removable protective sheath protects rope from abrasive contact and enhances rope glide
  • Available in four lengths: 2, 3, 4, and 5 meters
Part Numbers:
L52H 002 – GRILLON 2 meter
L52H 003 – GRILLON 3 meter
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Price $204.95
Product Weight (lbs.) 1.38
Weight 1.8800
Weight Capacity No
Lifeline Material No
Webbing Material No
Safety Standard OSHA, ANSI
100% Tie Off No
Brand Petzl
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