Allegro EZ Air Pro Black Welding Helmet PAPR System 9934-WB

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The kit includes a black welding helmet (with lens), the blower assembly (including 2 HEPA [HE] filters), your choice of additional replacement filters, and a U.S. or International charger.

Black Welding Helmet
This is a cost effective system used by foundries, aluminum plants, mines, chemical plants, refineries, auto manufacturers, metal working and fabrications. Performance proven with a constant and powerful supply of breathable air from a clean air source, this Helmet offers protection from airborne contaminates including hexavalent chromium applications, flying debris, sparks, chemical and molten metal splashes. The helmet flips allowing user to grind and clean metal looking through clear ANSI face shield. Large #10 lens included. ANSI certified face shield and head protection. NIOSH approved.

Key Features:
  • Filter size: 4.5" X 5.25" (11.4cm x 13.3cm)
  • UV/IR: Up to shade 16, permanent outer coating to protect eyes
  • Battery: Solar Cells primary with digital Lithium powered backup
  • Switching Time: 1/10,000
  • Light Shade Modes: 3
  • TIG Rating: 5 Amps
  • Grind Mode: Yes
Air Shield/Helmet Key Features:
  • NIOSH approved
  • Head protection: ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class G
  • Made of ABS
  • Low profile and lightweight (3.620 lbs) (visor alone: 0.480 lbs)
  • Quick release suspension for easy cleaning
  • Made in USA
Len Shield Key Features:
  • Eye Protection: ANSI Z87.1-2003
  • Protection Factor: APF 1000
  • Made of anti-fog polycarbonate
  • Viewing area: 15” X 6.75” (38.1cm X 17.1cm)
Visor (Welding Helmet) Key Features:
  • Made of Nylon 6
  • Large #10 lens included
  • 4” X 4.75” (10.1cm X 12cm)
  • Optional ADF lens sold separately
Neck Cape Key Features:
  • Made of Stedprene (a fire retardant, polyurethane coated poly cotton fabric)
  • Added comfort
  • Protects user’s neck from falling debris
Blower Assembly
Includes: FR downtube, battey, charger, belt, flow tester, and 2 HEPA filters. The Blower Assembly features a quick-release function allowing each filter to snap on and off the blower pack with ease. Each filter can be locked in place with locking clips.

Replacement Filters
HEPA Filter (HE)
Ideal for welding and metal work. Recommended for use in healthcare, pharmaceutical, heavy industry, manufacturing, and asbestos remediation applications. NIOSH approved. NIOSH magenta color.

Acid Gas Filter (HE/HF/HC/SD)
Ideal for acid gases and for when nuisance level ozone is present. Recommended for use in the same applications as the HEPA (HE) filter and petro-chemical, construction, transportation, chemical manufacturing, aluminum welding, smelters, steel mills, mold remediation, and metal working. NIOSH approved. NIOSH purple/white color.

Organic Vapor Filter (HE/OV)
Ideal for organic vapors, pharmaceutical, and painting. Recommended for use in the same applications as the HEPA (HE) filter and chemical manufacturing, pulp. and paper (paper mills), and laboratories. NIOSH approved. NIOSH magenta/black color.

Your choice of a U.S. or international compatible charger.

A lens is included though replacement may be purchased here.

Part Numbers:
9934-WB - Kit with Welding Black Helmet (choice of this kit or 9934-WBE)
9934-WBE - Kit with Welding Black Helmet with International Charger (choice of this kit or 9934-WB)
9904-10WB - Welding Black Helmet (included in kit)
9904-35 - Auto Darkening Lens Kit (one lens included with kit)
PR02-630SP - Blower Assembly (included with kit)
PR02-623SP - HEPA Filter (HE) (one pair included, additional are optional)
PR02-624SP - Acid Gas Filter (HE/HF/HC/SD) (optional)
PR02-629SP - Organic Vapor Filter (HE/OV) (optional)
More Information
SKU ALL02-9934-WB-
Price $1,870.00
Product Weight (lbs.) 15
Weight 15.5000
Size No
Filter No
Color No
Protection From Most Dusts, Lead and Asbestos, Organic Vapors, Acid Gas Irritants, Welding
Brand Allegro
MPN 9934-WB-
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