DuPont Tychem 10000 Commander EX Level A Suit TK555T

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The DuPont Tychem 10000 Commander EX Level A suit is a fully encapsulating hazmat suit with rear entry and 2 exhaust valves. An extra wide face shield is constructed from 40 mil PVC/5 mil Teflon/20 mil PVC. The suit features a gas-tight zipper closure, double storm flap, and expanded back for SCBA that is mounted on the rear of the suit. The dual glove system consists of an attached inner barrier glove and outer butyl gloves. Attached sock booties and boot flaps round out the suit. The suit’s DuPont ThermoBond Max seams are built tough. Suits made from Tychem TK offer high-level protection against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids, and solid chemicals. We also carry tyvek suitsmost popular HazMat suits for professionals, as well as for those working on home improvements.

Formerly called Tychem 10,000, Tychem TK is the new and improved version, perfectly suited for industrial, HazMat, and domestic preparedness situations. The suit features extremely durable, puncture and tear resistant fabric. It's successfully tested against more than 260 challenge chemicals, including WMD chemicals Lewisite, Mustard, Tabun, Sarin, Soman, and VX. The suit is totally encapsulated, vapor protective Level A. The Tychem TK is high-visibility lime yellow color. Larger sizes have an upcharge.

Sold individually. Non-Returnable.

Advisory: This and many other Level A suits have export restrictions.

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  1. Jennifer

    2014-08-05 21:27:16

    Will this protect from Ebola or Ebola outbreak?

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-08-05 21:26:57

      This suit will protect you from just about anything. However, it's part of a professional hazardous environment entry system that would also include a full SCBA system, decontamination station, and extensive training on hazmat entry.

  2. Noorah Khalid

    2014-08-19 20:22:30

    When i buy this suit will i have to buy like oxygen tanks, a filter disk, or gloves?

    1 answer
    1. Chris

      2014-08-19 20:22:30

      The Level A suits are completely sealed once they are donned. A Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is a requirement. The idea being to keep harmful elements outside the confines of the suit. Unfortunately, this also means no way to get air. Kind of like being sealed up in a plastic bag. Fun for a few minutes, but then…
      The usual breathing time provided by an SCBA is about 25-30 min under ideal conditions. Then the suit has to come off. Not a lot of time. Good for haz mat spills or tank cars leaking and in need of a quick fix. Not very practical for most low intensity sort of hazards. Gloves are included with the suit. 2 layers of high tech protection.

  3. Mr.

    2016-03-09 22:23:19

    Does this protect people from radiation?

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-03-09 22:23:19

      This suit will protect from Alpha and Beta Radiation as it's fully encapsulated and must be used with an SCBA (other wise you wont be able to breathe). It will not protect from Gamma and X Radiation.

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