DBI-SALA 18 in. Long D-Ring Extender 1231117

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The Capital Safety D-ring extender has been made to make hooking a lifeline or self-retracting lifeline to your harness a lot easier.

The DBI-SALA 1231117 D-Ring Extension has a D-ring at one end and a self-locking snap hook at the other. Just simply attach the snap hook to the existing d-ring on the harness and now you have an 18 in. D-ring.

Key Features:
  • 18 in. long
  • Max Working Load: 310 lbs
  • Tensile Strength: 8800 lbs
  • Strap is Polyester Web
  • 1in. Wide
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards
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  1. Matt Drake

    2015-01-13 00:45:20

    Does a D Ring extension change the safety rating of my fall harness in any way? In theory, it would allow you to fall 18" further. Am I correct in my thinking?

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    1. Chris

      2015-01-13 00:45:20

      Using a d-ring extender, such as the Capital Safety 1231117, will have no effect on the ‘safety rating’ of your harness. They provide convenient and easy access to the attachment d-ring, without the contortions needed to get at the dorsal d-ring on your harness. However, there are things to be aware of…
      Only one attachment at a time may be used on a d-ring. So do not attach anything else. Just the extender.
      Having extra length could, as you suggest, allow you to fall an additional 18 inches. In practice, you should not allow this to happen. Conditions in the field vary widely, so guidance is given relative to acceptable practices. The longest standard shock absorbing lanyards are 6 feet in length. While it may be possible to buy longer sizes, the user is responsible to make sure that they keep that fall distance at 6 feet or less. There is an exception made when the tie-off point is at your feet, such as on a scissor lift, and special lanyards with extra shock absorbing capacity are used in that case.
      Ideally, you will be using a self retracting lifeline (SRL), as this will consistently take up any slack in your connection system, and limit your fall distance. We find that the sales on typical shock absorbing lanyards are declining, with a corresponding increase in SRL sales. If you look at fall distance calculations on shock absorbing lanyards vs. using an SRL, it is easy to see why.

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