Bulletin | SR-X-MC Sensor (!)

BW Honeywell Oxygen Sensor SR-X-MC will be discontinued Dec 30, 2014

The original GasAlertMicroClip and the GasAlertMax XT multi-gas detectors have been discontinued for several years and service and replacement components for these products are increasingly more difficult to obtain. Accordingly, the SR-X-MC oxygen replacement sensor will no longer be available to order after December 30, 2014.

Alternative Offering

Unfortunately there is no replacement sensor available, so users of detector versions which use the oxygen sensor should migrate to one of the available replacement models.

The newer, improved models of these portable multi-gas detectors improve safety, ensure compliance, and offer better technology.

While we still have a small number of SR-X-MC sensors in-stock (call 800-829-9580 for details), we recommend upgrading to the new Gas Alert Micro Clip XL or the Gas Alert Max XT II so that sensors will be available for your gas monitors as needed. You can find these products below. Call 800-829-9580 to speak to a PK Safety Expert.

    Upgrade for:
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Improve Worker Safety
  • Better Availability on Parts and Service