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GasAlert Micro Clip XT 4-Gas Monitor
**Discontinued unit
**Parts will continue to be available until further notice

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Bulletin | MC2-XWHM-Y-NA (!)

BW Honeywell GasAlert Micro Clip XT 4-Gas Monitor will be discontinued Dec 31, 2014

This bulletin is to provide notice that BW Technologies by Honeywell will discontinue the GasAlertMicroclip XT Portable Gas Detector effective December 31, 2014. BW Honeywell will continue to supply replacement and service parts for existing products used in the field until further notice.

We are offering the Gas Alert Micro Clip XT at a reduced price, so take advantage while the product is still in stock.

If you would like to upgrade, BW Technologies by Honeywell introduced the New Gas Alert Micro Clip XL with longer battery life in July 2014 to replace the Gas Alert Micro Clip XT.