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Your QRAE II Can Do More with this Factory Accessories Kit

June 17, 2015 Confined Space, Gas Detection
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Having a quality 4-gas monitor like the QRAE II is a step in the right direction for confined space safety. However gas monitors require bump testing and regular calibration to maintain peak performance. Since your gas monitor might save your life one day, peak performance seems like a very practical bar to set.

An Accessories Kit for QRAE II

To get the most from your QRAE II, RAE Systems created an Accessories and Calibration Kit (CKS2). The CKS2 provides tools that extend the capabilities of the monitor as well as providing the components for calibration and bump testing. All of the tools come in a hard carrying case with foam cutouts for the monitor and other tools.

For those doing confined space entry, the expanded capabilities gained by the CKS2 kit can be invaluable. If your QRAE II gas detector is a diffusion-only monitor, the kit includes a squeeze bulb hand pump. By attaching the hand pump and Tygon tubing to the monitor, air can be pulled from the confined space to your monitor and give you a reading before employees enter the area. If the space you are entering is wet, the kit also includes three water trap filters that will prevent water from being sucked into your detector and spoiling the results (and maybe your detector). These filters come in handy if you are doing work in tanks or sewers where it’s often soggy but all strata must be tested for gas levels.

Calibration of the QRAE II monitor is relatively easy once you have the proper tools. Check the video below for step by step instructions. The CSK2 Calibration Kit help simplify calibration by keeping everything you need it one place. It comes with a 4-gas canister of calibration gas and the required demand flow regulator.

The Confined Space Entry Kit for the QRAE II allows a diffusion monitor able to pump air, it provides tools for proper calibration and bump testing, and it keeps the sensors free from water. It makes the QRAE II a more powerful device, and provides all the necessary tools for proper calibration. All of this while keeping the QRAE II and kit organized in a handy carrying case that is easy to find when it’s time to test or service your monitor.