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Points of Impact

September 26, 2017 Hand Protection

HexArmor Hand Protection

By HexArmor Marketing Team. Falling objects. Heavy tools. Zero-visibility environments. These are all everyday dangers posed to the hands of workers. In fact, hand injuries are among the most frequently …

Infographic: Glove Safety Guide

July 5, 2017 Hand Protection

Safety Gloves and Hat

By Enviro Tech International It’s often said that if something fits perfectly, it “fits like a glove.” However, workers using hazardous materials understand that not all gloves are created equally. …

What’s New in the World of Safety Gloves: Advanced Cooling AD-APT® Technology from ATG MaxiFlex

June 19, 2017 Hand Protection

Hand Cooling

It’s beginning to feel like summer, which adds challenges to those who work outdoors under the sun, or in warm indoor environments. Luckily, there is an amazing advanced AD-APT Technology …

Your Skin on Concrete: Irritation, Burns, and Dermatitis

August 16, 2016 General Safety, Hand Protection

Hand Protection

Concrete Burn Causes Concrete burns are just that, burns that are caused by skin’s exposure to concrete and other materials that can lead to a chemical reaction. Concrete burns work …

Landscaping: How to Avoid Hidden Hazards

April 5, 2016 Eye Protection, Fall Protection, General Safety, Hand Protection, Hearing Protection, Home Improvement, Sunscreen

Landscaping workers

Landscaping is a job that many DIYers who love to work outdoors take upon themselves. There are obvious dangers to this kind of work when operating heavy automatic machinery (rototillers, …

The Best Gloves for the Cuts, Abrasions, and Chemical Hazards

November 13, 2013 Hand Protection

There are a thousand type of work gloves on the market these days. Gloves for highly specialized manufacturing and general assembly, and gloves to keep you from developing calluses on …

The Greatest Pair of Gloves Ever

May 7, 2012 Hand Protection

The ATG G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Gloves are possibly the greatest gloves ever, if you believe the people who have taken the time to write reviews to our site. Even …

Ninjas that Fight Ice: The Best Gloves for Handling Icy Water

November 30, 2011 Hand Protection

In cold weather fishing, the hands are the first body part to suffer, and boy do they suffer. Last time I was in Northern Ontario, spring was late and by …