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Need To Know About New OSHA Silica Dust Rules and Regulations?

August 4, 2017 Respiratory

Respiratory Protection

The U.S. Department of Labor first emphasized the life-threatening hazards of respirable crystalline silica in the 1930s. Today, according to OSHA, approximately 2.3 million Americans are exposed to silica on …

All You Need to Know About The Walking-Working Surfaces And Personal Fall Protection Systems Final Rule

July 18, 2017 OSHA Standards and Regulations

Walking-Working Surfaces

The purpose of the OSHA’s final rule is to revise the outdated general industry Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment (Fall Protection Systems) Standards on the slip, trip, and fall …

Top 5 Tips on How to Avoid OSHA HCS Violation Penalties

June 15, 2017 OSHA Standards and Regulations

Safety Data Sheets

The OSHA Hazard Communications Standard (HCS) 1910.1200 is important because it prevents over 500 workplace injuries and about 43 deaths across the USA annually. Revised in 2012, it covers 43 …

OSHA: the New Construction Rule and the General Confined Space Rule

July 27, 2016 Confined Space, General Safety, OSHA Standards and Regulations

OSHA Fines Increase

By Mario Mendoza, Regional Sales Manager, Allegro Industries On May 4, 2015, OSHA issued a new standard for construction work in confined space. There are five key differences from the …

Delta’s Comfortable New Positioning Harnesses

July 7, 2016 Fall Protection

Delta Harness

Harnesses are part of the program to provide fall safety while working at height. That’s their number one job. But comfort has to be up there in the list of …

Heat Stress Prevention: Keep Cool & Stay Safe

May 11, 2016 General Safety, Heat Stress Prevention

Construction worker

Working in the heat, especially during Summer months, can lead to illness or even death. Common reactions are heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps and heat rash — all of which can …

OSHA Update: Fine Increases in 2016

April 19, 2016 General Safety, OSHA Standards and Regulations


For the first time in 25 years, OSHA will be increasing its penalties. This change is a catch-up adjustment since it has been so many years since the organization has …

OSHA Improves Chemical Labeling Requirements

January 7, 2016 Confined Space

Let’s face it, people don’t read so much anymore. That’s why OSHA has decided to put more pictorgrams and fewer blocks of tiny, difficult-to-read text in their new Safety Data …

What Size Ventilation Unit is Needed for My Confined Space?

January 1, 2016 Confined Space

Ventilation is one of the central pillars of confined space safety. Fumes, vapors, and volatile organic compounds accumulate and create an atmosphere that is not conducive to breathing. And I …

Understanding High-Visibility Requirements

September 10, 2015 General Safety

Most people have heard the expression: “dress for success”. Here, at PK Safety, we like to dress to stay safe. It’s critical that workers can be seen when working in road …