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RKI Instruments Confined Space Gas Monitors

January 14, 2016 Confined Space, Gas Detection

RKI Instruments

RKI Instruments isn’t a sexy company. They don’t spend their money on fancy marketing handouts or ad campaigns, and they often name their instruments after the year they were launched. …

Five Reasons To Love the BW Quattro Gas Monitor

October 9, 2015 Confined Space, Gas Detection

Ideal for real-time monitoring of hazardous gases in confined space work, BW Honeywell’s GasAlert Quattro is a four-gas monitor that’s easy to love. It’s not apparent at first, but our …

BW Quattro 4-Gas Monitor Low Cost of Ownership

February 18, 2015 Gas Detection

When considering which personal gas monitors to use for your facility the long-term cost of ownership is going to be at the top of your list. Replacing sensors and hardware …

Bump Testing and Calibration of your Gas Monitors

January 14, 2015 Gas Detection

Gas monitors need regular calibration and bump testing if you want to be sure they are working properly. Like a guitar, monitors can drift out of tune. You’ve got a …

BW Honeywell Factory-Trained Gas Monitor Know-It-Alls

January 8, 2015 Confined Space, Gas Detection

Before we upgraded our facilities, sent our tech guys to Level 3 BW Honeywell gas monitor training, and increased our factory-direct parts supply to become a BW Factory Authorized Service …

Product Review: BW Honeywell Gas Alert Max XT II 4 Gas Monitor

December 26, 2014 Confined Space, Gas Detection

The BW GasAlertMax XT II is a humdinger of a detector, both for its ease of usage and reasonable price. In my opinion, this is the best gas detector to …

Getting The Right Gas Monitor For Your Company

October 29, 2014 Gas Detection

Gas detection is serious business no matter what type of work you do. Your company may not need the level of protection a petroleum production facility requires, but every company …

New Alarm Point Settings on RKI Portable H2S Monitors

June 2, 2014 Gas Detection

Recently RKI Instruments sent out a notice explaining a change to their alarm settings on Eagle 2, GX-2009, and GX-2012 monitors. In order to comply with new industry standards developed …

Draeger Pac 3500 and Pac 7000 Monitors Really Are Different.

May 27, 2014 Gas Detection

Draeger has created some of the most widely used and accurate industrial gas detection devices in history. But many of the single-gas units look exactly alike. What are the differences …

Which Regulator Do I Need For My Gas Monitor?

May 19, 2014 Gas Detection

All gas monitors need to be bump tested, even if they don’t require calibration. (Yes, that goes for you guys with single gas disposable monitors too.) To test your monitor …