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Silent and Deadly, Proper Gas Detection Saves Lives

September 15, 2014 Confined Space, Gas Detection, General Safety, Respiratory

I’m fascinated about the basics of atmospheric monitoring, how to change the air in a confined space by supplying ventilation, and effective uses of ducting. Aren’t you? Relying solely on …

September 5th is National N95 Respirator Day! (get it? N95…9/5…)

September 5, 2014 General Safety, Respiratory

Hooray hooray it’s respirator day! There are so many to thank, air borne pathogens, asbestos and lead, don’t forget those sneaky little unseen particulates, and especially the CDC for all …

What Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

December 9, 2013 General Safety

The average cost to remove asbestos in my neighborhood is between $270 and $540 per hour. The contractors will spend their expensive time setting up a containment area, removing the …

What is the Best Asbestos Respirator?

August 29, 2013 General Safety

People often ask us about asbestos-rated respirators. Everyone knows airborne asbestos, even in small quantities, is scary stuff. It can be very damaging to the lungs and is known to …

The Three Most Important Mold Cleanup Safety Precautions

August 7, 2013 General Safety

Mold doesn’t need much to get started. Supplied with a little moisture and some warmth it’s very hard to completely eradicate once it gets started. In situations where there are …

How to Make Your Tyvek Suit Even Safer

July 31, 2013 General Safety

Tyvek suits from DuPont provide an amazing degree of protection from the elements of your work site. Here are some tips to make them work even better for you. Whether …

Moldex Mold and Asbestos Protection

March 6, 2013 Respiratory

mold remediation kit

Some of the more dangerous particles to breath into your lungs are mold spores and asbestos particles. If you are working in areas with either of these factors, as a …

What DIY Homeowners Need to Know About Asbestos Removal

July 11, 2012 Home Improvement

Tyvek Suit Protection

We get lots of people contacting us wanting to know how to properly remove asbestos from their homes. The questions, and our answers, generally center around removal of asbestos from …

Hard Working Respirators for Rugged Work Sites

March 11, 2011 Respiratory

One question I am constantly getting is which filter and mask to use in a particular application. The answer to this depends highly on what the context is, but this …

Asbestos: The Miracle Mineral

November 11, 2009 Respiratory

One of our most persistent lines of inquiry has to do with Asbestos in the home. As an avid Do-It-Yourselfer, this has been a subject of interest to me for …