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Understanding the New ANSI/ISEA 105 (2016) Hand and Arm Protection Cut Level Classification

September 2, 2016 Hand Protection

Cut Resistance Levels

In recent years, rapid technology advancement allowed manufacturers to create more sophisticated yarns that improved glove performance significantly. Cut-resistant gloves and sleeves are designed to protect hands and arms from …

How To Inspect Your SRLs To Be In Compliance With ANSI Z359

October 23, 2015 Confined Space, Fall Protection

In addition to new requirements for manufacturers of self-retracting lifelines when meeting updated ANSI Z35914 regulations, companies using the SRLs have work to do if they want to stay compliant …

Understanding High-Visibility Requirements

September 10, 2015 General Safety

Most people have heard the expression: “dress for success”. Here, at PK Safety, we like to dress to stay safe. It’s critical that workers can be seen when working in road …

Certified Anchorage vs. Non-Certified Anchorage

February 4, 2015 Fall Protection

Fall protection needs an anchorage that is capable of holding in the event of a fall. Makes sense. But how do you know if a certain point is beefy enough …

OSHA Certified Airline Respirator Protection

January 27, 2015 General Safety

“OSHA certified” is a bit of a misnomer. OSHA produces the standards which personal protective equipment must meet, but the organization doesn’t certify equipment. The Allegro air line respiratory systems, for …

Inspection of Fall Safety Equipment by a Competent Person

January 19, 2015 Fall Protection

If you’re working in site maintenance, oil and gas production, or other large facilities, you likely have loads of fall protection equipment that requires periodic inspection by a competent person. …

Fall Protection Inspection Checklist

November 17, 2014 Fall Protection

Fall protection equipment needs to be regularly inspected by a Competent Person according the specifications set forth in the ANSI Z359 protection codes if you want your Z359-rated equipment to …

I-Beam Anchorage for At-Height Workers

May 14, 2014 Fall Protection

Recently a construction company contacted us to ask about using a Miller Beam Anchor. They knew the anchor had the ability to provide anchorage for fall protection when used in …

Keeping Your ANSI Z359 SRLs Compliant

May 7, 2014 Fall Protection

ANSI Z359.1 was published in 1992 and approved a scant 15 years later. Slowly grind the wheels of progress. And ANSI Z359 is progress in terms of worker safety, even …

Inspection and Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment

April 2, 2014 Fall Protection

Personal protective equipment like hard hats and harnesses aren’t made to last forever. So much of this equipment has elastomeric or plastic parts that are particularly susceptible to deterioration over …