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Weatherization: Home Safety Issues and Reducing Your Energy Bill

December 15, 2016 Cold Weather protection, Confined Space, Gas Detection, General Safety

Weatherization: Home Safety Issues and Reducing Your Energy Bill

We recently learned about a nationwide program instituted by the U.S. Department of Energy that promotes the use of clean and sustainable energy through weatherization funding. It’s the Weatherization Assistance …

4 Reasons You Will Love the New BW Clip4 Multi‑Gas Detector

November 8, 2016 Gas Detection

BW Clip4

BW Technologies is introducing a new disposable multi-gas monitor that doesn’t need charging after activation. Know your team has an active, working monitor out in the field, and not one …

Do I Need a Diffusion or Pump-Style Gas Monitor for My Job?

July 31, 2015 Gas Detection

Deciding which type of gas monitor is right for you is simple if you know what you need the monitor to do. The difference between the two main styles of …

Gas Clip Technologies — Innovative Gas Monitoring

July 1, 2015 Gas Detection

Who is Gas Clip Technologies? Whether you work in oil and gas, utilities, telecommunications, marine, or other demanding industries, you need portable gas detectors that are reliable and durable. Gas …

The Most Popular Personal 4-Gas Monitor

February 23, 2015 Gas Detection

While we sell just about every bit of safety equipment under the sun nothing is more popular at PK Safety than our gas monitors. We’ve been selling gas monitors since …

BW Quattro 4-Gas Monitor Low Cost of Ownership

February 18, 2015 Gas Detection

When considering which personal gas monitors to use for your facility the long-term cost of ownership is going to be at the top of your list. Replacing sensors and hardware …

An Affordable 4-Gas Monitor With Extended Battery Life

February 9, 2015 Gas Detection

We live in the real world here at PK Safety. We know you need to fulfill OSHA requirements for 4-gas monitors for workers performing confined space entry. We also know …

Bump Testing and Calibration of your Gas Monitors

January 14, 2015 Gas Detection

Gas monitors need regular calibration and bump testing if you want to be sure they are working properly. Like a guitar, monitors can drift out of tune. You’ve got a …

Choosing a Confined Space Gas Detector?

October 31, 2014 Confined Space, Gas Detection

What Kind of Confined Space Gas Detector Do I Need? Before entering a confined space, workers need to check the environment to make sure it is safe. Confined spaces often …

Getting The Right Gas Monitor For Your Company

October 29, 2014 Gas Detection

Gas detection is serious business no matter what type of work you do. Your company may not need the level of protection a petroleum production facility requires, but every company …