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Filters and Lead Fumes

October 7, 2010 Respiratory

I recently got a question about what type of filters should be used for a very interesting project. Although few of my readers will probably have the same exact application, …

Selecting The Right Kind of Fall Protection

September 30, 2010 Fall Protection

On any job where you are going to be working off of the ground, it is important to consider fall protection. Having the right type of fall protection gear can …

Determining Your Size for the 6800 Full Face Respirator

September 24, 2010 Respiratory

In my last post I discussed the 6001 organic vapor cartridge and the 6000 half face piece and 7500 half face piece masks it is compatible with. I recently had …

6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge

September 20, 2010 Respiratory

I recently had a customer ask me about what organic vapor cartridges would be appropriate for his job. Let’s explore the options. I have a 1/2 mask 3M 7500 respirator …

Fall Protection and HVAC Maintenance

January 11, 2010 Fall Protection

Hi, my last post about fall distance brought me a related question, and I thought the answer I gave might be of interest to the rest of our readers. What …

Fall Distance and the Self Retracting Lifeline

January 6, 2010 Fall Protection

I had an interesting inquiry from an overseas customer about the fall distance when using a self retracting lifeline. This was an instance where the technical nature of the question …

Leather Drivers Gloves

December 26, 2009 Hand Protection

I was updating the descriptions on some of our leather drivers gloves, and I was reminded of how versatile and useful this product is. These days the majority of our …

Asbestos: The Miracle Mineral

November 11, 2009 Respiratory

One of our most persistent lines of inquiry has to do with Asbestos in the home. As an avid Do-It-Yourselfer, this has been a subject of interest to me for …

E6000 Glue Respirator Question

March 4, 2009 Respiratory

We get questions from users about the use of safety equipment in real world situations all the time. One of the things I’d like to do from time to time …

Protecting Yourself from Sun Damage on the Job

February 12, 2009 Sunscreen

Heat and sun damage prevention

Since sunscreen seems more and more essential these days, I thought it would be good to review some thoughts about protecting yourself from solar radiation. This has been a popular …