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The Importance Of Using Proper Protective Equipment While Performing Asbestos Abatement Projects

August 30, 2017 Home Improvement

Asbestos Danger Sign

By Alison Grimes, Health Advocate, MAA Center Although there are federal and state laws in place to restrict the use of asbestos in products and materials, the dangerous carcinogen has …

How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Home or Business

July 10, 2017 Home Improvement

Water Damage Cleanup

All it takes is a few inches of water to cause an extensive damage to your property, which can quickly become irreversible. Water damage can be devastating especially to the …

Addressing Occupational Safety for Locksmiths: Protective Equipment Must Haves

February 23, 2017 Eye Protection, General Safety, Hand Protection, Home Improvement


By Dusty Henry, Sevan Locks & Doors  When you consider occupational safety, there are a lot of different occupations that may come to mind first for needing protective equipment – construction workers, …

Valuable Tips for Effective Mold Remediation

February 8, 2017 Home Improvement, Protective Clothing, Respiratory

Mold Remediation PPE

Mold remediation is the process of removing mold and repairing mold-related damage in buildings. There are two important things to remember when dealing with mold: it is easier to prevent …

Spring Cleaning Starts With Your HVAC System

May 3, 2016 General Safety, Home Improvement, Spring Cleaning

Industrial Air Conditioning Repair

Doing a regular maintenance check on your HVAC unit is critical in preventing major problems from affecting your home or business. Now is the perfect time to check on your …

Landscaping: How to Avoid Hidden Hazards

April 5, 2016 Eye Protection, Fall Protection, General Safety, Hand Protection, Hearing Protection, Home Improvement, Sunscreen

Landscaping workers

Landscaping is a job that many DIYers who love to work outdoors take upon themselves. There are obvious dangers to this kind of work when operating heavy automatic machinery (rototillers, …

Reducing Repetitive Strain Injuries By Workplace Design

September 8, 2015 General Safety, Home Improvement

Reducing Repetitive Strain Injuries

Many different types of work require repetitive motion or lack of movement altogether. Workers who frequently shift from standing to sitting can damage their knees. Others stand for long periods with …

Roof and Fall Safety: Chance Takers Are Accident Makers

August 10, 2015 Fall Protection, General Safety, Home Improvement

Working on the roof

On average, there are more than 800 construction worker fatalities per year. Falls are the number one cause of fatalities among construction workers. Harnesses, self-retracting lifelines, and lanyards don’t always provide enough …

What DIY Homeowners Need to Know About Asbestos Removal

July 11, 2012 Home Improvement

Tyvek Suit Protection

We get lots of people contacting us wanting to know how to properly remove asbestos from their homes. The questions, and our answers, generally center around removal of asbestos from …

The Perfect Gas Detector for HVAC, Home or RV

June 13, 2012 Home Improvement

Folks have asked us for years about a gas detector that is suitable for HVAC installers, or even for home and RV use. Since most of the gas monitors we …