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Real-Time Gas Detection That Delivers Ultimate Safety

March 15, 2018 Gas Detection


Deciding which type of gas monitor is right for you depends on what you need it to specifically detect. For use in confined spaces there is an excellent new portable …

RKI Instruments New GX-6000 Gas Monitor with Benzene Specific Measuring Mode

October 25, 2017 Gas Detection

gx6000 benzene

RKI Instruments’ product philosophy is based on the core belief that gas detection devices should be built to last. The advantages of gas monitors engineered by RKI Instruments include their …

New Must-Have Gas Leak Detector and CO Meter from Klein Tools

October 20, 2017 Gas Detection

klein tools gas detector

We are excited to announce gas detector devices recently introduced by Klein Tools – specifically for HVAC and construction applications – a Carbon Monoxide Meter ET110 and a Combustible Gas …

Gas Detection: How Catalytic Bead Sensors Work and Why O2 Sensors Are Important

September 29, 2017 Gas Detection

Sensor Replacement

Confined spaces found in refineries, chemical plants, and mines, may contain toxic and combustible gases and lack a safe level of oxygen. Inspecting and working in these types of spaces …

Don’t Die in a Sewer

September 8, 2017 Gas Detection

H2S Safety Equipment

By Luke Laggis, Editor, Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine Educate yourself and your crews, and take every necessary step to make sure no one becomes a victim. Wastewater work is …

Top 5 BW Multi-Gas Monitors For Shutdown/Turnarounds

April 21, 2017 Gas Detection, General Safety

Top 5 BW Multi-Gas Monitors For Shutdown/Turnarounds

Operational shutdown/turnarounds are when maintenance and renewal work is performed in oil and gas refineries. They can occur at any time between three to five years and allow for businesses …

From 1 To 4: Chevron Switching To 4-Gas Monitors

April 18, 2017 Gas Detection

From 1 To 4: Chevron Switching To 4-Gas Monitors

We have heard from a couple of our top sales reps in the gas monitor industry that Chevron refineries are moving forward requiring the use of 4-gas monitors in their process …

The Danger of Cold Weather and Gas Detection

March 25, 2017 Cold Weather protection, Gas Detection

Oil and Gas Industry

By Matt Murdock, COO at Wind River Investments and Alert Plus, LLC Across the northern regions the leaves have changed color and fallen from the trees, the sound of chainsaws fills …

Product Experts’ Picks: Top 3 Single-Gas Monitors

February 7, 2017 Gas Detection, Product Expert Picks

Experts Picks

Every month our Product Experts offer top product picks for a given category. This month we provide our favorites for single-gas monitors because they are some of our most popular …

The New BW Clip4 Four-Gas Detector Available Through PK Safety

February 2, 2017 Gas Detection

BW Clip4

PK Safety Supply Adds The New BW Clip4 Four-Gas Detector to the Product Line. PK Safety Supply announces the addition of the wearable BW Clip4 (H2S, CO, O2, LEL) Gas …