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Delta’s Comfortable New Positioning Harnesses

July 7, 2016 Fall Protection

Delta Harness

Harnesses are part of the program to provide fall safety while working at height. That’s their number one job. But comfort has to be up there in the list of …

Innovative Kevlar Gloves Have Touch Screen Capability

March 16, 2016 Hand Protection

Innovative Kevlar Gloves Have Touch Screen Capability

Factory workers, light industry, glass cutting and operations, metal stamping and sheet metal workers run the risk of slices and cuts to their hands. So do extreme snowboarders apparently since …

Calibrating Your Confined Space Gas Monitors

February 25, 2016 Confined Space, Gas Detection

How Do I Get My Gas Monitor Repaired?

Confined space 4-gas monitors need to be calibrated. We all know it, and the time is probably coming up soon. Just how often you are required to calibrate depends on …

OSHA Says Attics and Crawl Spaces Require 4-Gas Monitors

February 20, 2016 Confined Space, Gas Detection

OSHA requires gas monitors in attics and crawl spaces

Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, HVAC techs and many other tradesmen find themselves crawling around attics and crawlspaces on a regular basis. Now they are going to need to bring one more …

Black Friday Savings on Safety Equipment

November 26, 2015 General Safety

The great thing about the PK Safety Black Friday specials is you don’t have to stand in line in the dark. Or miss your family meal. There will be no …

Gas Monitor Custom Alarm Point Settings

November 18, 2015 Gas Detection

How Do I Get My Gas Monitor Repaired?

If you work in a facility that requires specific tolerances for your personal gas monitor alarms, PK Safety has factory-authorized technicians that can configure your devices. Whether you have one …

Flame Resistant Work Clothing Made in the USA

September 30, 2015 Arc Flash and FR Protection, General Safety

flame resistant clothing

Flame resistant clothing is essential to workers in a number of trades. We’ve found Saf Tech work clothing to be both extremely high quality and an excellent value for electricians, …

Personal H2S Monitors For Less

September 23, 2015 Gas Detection

If your company needs to supply personal hydrogen sulfide monitors to its employees, now is a great time to stock up on BW Honeywell Single Gas H2S detectors. BW Honeywell …

Complete PAPR Systems for Welders from Allegro

September 17, 2015 General Safety, Respiratory

Allegro PAPR

Allegro has added a new line of affordable Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) systems for welders and other industrial workers who need both eye and face protection as well as …

Industrial SCBA in Refrigeration Plants

May 14, 2015 Respiratory

Draeger scba

Companies that have significant stores of ammonia or even waste treatment plants with chlorine run the risk of serious hazards if things go from all is normal to all heck …