Allegro 2 Worker Full Face Mask Airline Respirator System 9200-02

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The 2 Worker Full Face Mask Airline Respirator System from Allegro provides up to two workers with a complete low pressure respiratory protection solution, right out of the box. With this constant flow airline kit we combine a 3/4HP pump, 2 hoses and 2 full face respirator masks. Details about each item may be seen by clicking the links below.

Five Piece Kit Includes:
1 Allegro 9821 3/4HP Airline Pump
2 Allegro 9100 Airline Supply Hose (50 or 100 ft.)
2 Allegro 9901 Full Face Airline Respirator

Customers have found the Allegro 2 Worker Full Face Mask Airline Respirator System to be an effective way to offer supplied air respirator protection for a wide variety of applications. Workers on their own or in tandem can work with chemicals that require an air source independent of the ambient area. The full face mask protects their eyes. The lens on the full face airline respirator is rated for impact eye protection, and safety glasses would not be used.


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Part Numbers:
9200-02 50 ft. hose
9210-02 100 ft. hose
More Information
SKU ALL02-92_0-02
Product Weight (lbs.) 75
Weight 77.5000
Size No
Filter No
Color Blue
Protection From Most Dusts, Lead and Asbestos, Lead, Asbestos, Organic Vapors, Mold, Chlorine (Bleach), Particulate Aerosols Free of Oil, Acid Gas Irritants
Brand Allegro
MPN 92_0-02
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  1. M.J.

    2017-07-20 00:00:00

    Is it safe to operate this 2 worker system occasionally with only 1 worker/hose linked up to it?

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-07-26 16:47:59

      It is recommended to have the full set connected because if there is only one mask not connected, it may create back pressure and cause the pump to not work. As always, please refer to the manufacturer's manual for proper connectivity and usage.

  2. jerome lind

    2017-11-16 13:30:15

    can you put additional hose on this kit .

    1 answer
    1. Alan Lau

      2017-11-20 23:58:24

      Yes, you can to a max of 100 ft. So if you order the system with a 50 ft., you can add on another 50ft later if you wish. But, if you have the 100ft system, you can't add another 50 ft.

  3. Guy Reph

    2018-01-23 16:38:00

    How many CFM?

    1 answer
    1. Hannah .

      2018-01-23 19:45:00

      This is the pump included:

      Looks like it's 0-10 CFM at 60 Hz. The link should supply you with any other specs you need.

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