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PK Safety

Thank you for visiting our PK Safety store. After 70 years in the safety business, we understand the importance of staying safe in your work and home environments.

We put our customers first and work to keep this our top priority. Learn more about the Core Values and Mission at PK Safety.

The brands we offer have been vetted over the years by customer feedback and our own experience to provide you, the user, with the latest, most dependable technology, the best support, and the best value for your money.

Our staff knows the nuts and bolts of our technology as well as the specifications. While you can find a great deal of information on our site, our staff is here to provide more detailed answers about your specific situations and work environments.

In addition to selling safety gear, we are also a Factory Authorized Service Center for RAE Systems and BW Honeywell gas monitors. We repair and service these devices on-site.

Please feel encouraged to contact us with any questions you might have about the products you see on this site or safety in general. If we do not have the answer right off, we will consult with the manufacturers and other experts to provide you with further research and explanation.

We appreciate your business and look forward to providing the tools you need for a safe work environment.

In the News:

Gas Prices and Worker Safety
In the June 2018 issue of “Professional Safety,” we examine ways to most efficiently maintain occupational safety standards without the burden of increased cost. American Society of Safety Professionals, Professional Safety; Best Practices. June, 2018.