3M Organic Vapor Cartridge (Pair) 6001

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The 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge is NIOSH approved for a wide variety of organic vapors. The 3M 6001 attaches to the 3M 6000 half face respirator and 7500 series masks. If your job requires wearing a respirator for long periods of time, consider getting a 3m 7500 respirator. Each cartridge contains granulated charcoal that is treated to absorb organic vapors from the air passing through as you inhale. Used mainly to protect against solvents, such as those in oil-based paints. Others would include paint thinner, lacquer thinner, turpentine and fuel vapors. Also absorbs bad smells. Ideal for non-urethane spray painting (urethane paints that contain isocyanates which cannot be filtered out). For paint spray and pesticide applications, use with a prefilter such as the 5P71 or 5N11 and filter retainer 501. Use the 3m 2097 filters that fit on the 3M 6000/3M 7500 series half masks, and the 3M 6000 full face respirators for protection against toxic dusts, lead, and asbestos, and for mold cleanup and remediation. 

For e6000 glue we recommend the 3M 6001 cartridge with the 3M full face mask respirator or the 3M 6000 half facepiece respirator making sure you have good ventilation.

Priced and sold by the pair.

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  1. Todd

    2013-12-04 17:00:53

    Can a 3M 6001 Organic vapor filter be used for mold removal?

    1 answer
    1. Chris Smith

      2013-12-04 17:00:53

      Mold has two parts we need protection from - spores (particles) and vapors. The 3M 6001 cartridge protects from vapors but not spores.<br><br>For mold protection using a 3M mask, we recommend either the 3M 2097 Particulate/Organic Vapor Filter or the 3M 60926 Multi-Gas P100 Cartridge.

  2. Martha

    2014-03-03 19:36:47

    Do these cartridges "expire" or lose their effects over time (in storage without use)?

    1 answer
    1. Justin

      2014-03-03 19:35:22

      Cartridges like this are filled with activated charcoal. They can lose their effectiveness over time when exposed to vapors or other impurities in the ambient air. Here is a link to a blog post that explains <a href="http://blog.pksafety.com/how-to-extend-the-life-of-your-respirator-cartridges/">How to extend the life of your cartridges</a>.

  3. Xian

    2016-07-27 16:15:43

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I'm working with organic vapors such as methanol and methylene chloride, can this cartridge (6001) protect me from those solvents? If not, could you suggest a different cartridge and a compatible respirator?


    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2016-07-27 16:15:43

      So long as you're working with low levels of the vapors this cartridge should provide protection. Please make sure you're in a well ventilated area, if the area is enclosed we have blowers that will help.

  4. Sam

    2016-11-29 18:49:52

    I will be working with chemicals such as formaldehyde, will this mask block that?

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2016-11-29 18:49:52

      <p>It's not the respirator, but more so the cartridge that will protect you from Formaldehyde. This is the cartridge that will help with your application:</p>
      <p> </p>
      <p><a href="https://www.pksafety.com/orvapcar.html">https://www.pksafety.com/orvapcar.html </a></p>

  5. Pest

    2017-02-27 00:00:00

    Does it work for decomposing pest/cats smells ?

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-02-27 23:30:12

      It will work if you're using a cleaning agent (bleach mixture) to clean the decomposing matter. But, you may also want to look at this item as it also provides a particulate for any airborne particles:


  6. Pete

    2017-03-23 00:00:00

    I paint about 4 cars a year I would like to know which half and full mask to use and most important which filter combination ? p.s. I mainly use 2 stage paints and primers...

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2017-03-27 21:11:32

      A full face mask would probably be better suited as it gives you eye protection also.

      If you're using the 6001 cartridge, we would also recommend using these two items with it:



      As it will give you max protection. Final note: if the paints have isocyanates, these items will not be able to filter that out and we would recommend an airline filter instead.

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