RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 CO Gas Detector G01-0101-000

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The ToxiRAE 3 from RAE Systems has been designed to answer your concerns about downtime. With single-gas monitors for carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide being used in great numbers, some other brands have been troubled by reliability issues. To excel in this market, RAE knew that this was the big challenge to sort out.

Key Features:
  • High performance miniature sensors are soldered in to combat vibration
  • Adjustable alarm set points
  • Intuitive control interface
  • Steel case is tougher than plastic and defeats EMI
  • IP-67 waterproof and dust resistant
  • 12 second bump test
  • Replaceable battery to make sure you get full sensor life, no matter how many times the unit goes into alarm
These features, among many more, offer unequaled cost of ownership value. To further enhance ease of use, The ToxiRAE 3 is compatible with the AutoRAE Lite Bump and Calibration Station. This device means quick (12 second) bump checks and automatic record keeping. The idea is a total package to retain the instruments in the field where they belong, so your workers stay safe and productive.

Hazardous Environment Certification:
US and Canada: C1D1, Groups A, B, C, D, T4
Europe: ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T4

Each Monitor Sold Separately Includes:
  • Operation manual
  • Rugged alligator clip
  • Functional gas test adapter
  • Calibration certificate
Pack of 10 Monitors Includes:
  • 10 ToxiRAE 3 monitors (all with the same sensors)
  • 2 CDs with Operation manual
  • 10 Rugged alligator clips
  • 2 Functional gas test adapters
  • 10 Calibration certificates
Pack of 100 Monitors Includes:
  • 10 packs of 10 monitors (100 each)
For bump test and calibration, use cylinders that contain either 10ppm H2S or 50ppm CO.

How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Monitor?

Total Weight:
3.5 oz (99 gr) with battery

Available in 3 Models:
G01-0102-000 H2S 0–100ppm (resolution 0.1ppm) Usually Ships Same Day
G01-0101-000 CO 0–500ppm (resolution 1ppm) Usually Ships Same Day
G01-0103-000 CO 0–1999ppm (resolution 1ppm) 5-7 Day Lead Time

Part Numbers:
H2S 0–100ppm G01-0102-000 (resolution 0.1ppm)
H2S 0–100ppm G01-0102-010 (pack of 10)
H2S 0–100ppm G01-0102-100 (pack of 100)
CO 0–500ppm G01-0101-000 (resolution 1ppm)
CO 0–500ppm G01-0101-010 (pack of 10)
CO 0–500ppm G01-0101-100 (pack of 100)
CO 0–1999ppm G01-0103-000 (resolution 1ppm)
CO 0-1999ppm G01-0103-010 (pack of 10)
CO 0-1999ppm G01-0103-100 (pack of 100)

  • RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 CO Gas Detector G01-0101-000 RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 Single Gas Detector

    RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 Single Gas Detector

    RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 Single Gas Detector Video Transcript

    Hi, this is Rick Pedley and welcome to PK Safety.

    00:06 Today we're going to show you a single gas monitor that offers big value in a small package; the ToxiRAE 3 from RAE Systems.

    00:12 Unlike 2 year disposable detectors, the ToxiRAE 3 comes with a replaceable battery, making sure you get the full life of it's high-performance sensor no matter how many times it goes into alarm. For workers who don't need their single gas monitor every single day, this makes the ToxiRAE 3 an affordable alternative to similar instruments.

    00:30 The ToxiRAE 3 is available with a Hydrogen Sulfide sensor, a Carbon Monoxide low range sensor, or a Carbon Monoxide high range sensor. It features an IP-67 water and dust proof steel case that's highly resistant to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, as well as simple two-button controls.

    00:48 This detector gives you constant readouts of the target gas, while providing the fastest instrument response time on the market. Should you come in contact with dangerous gasses, the detector will alert you immediately with a loud, 95 decibel alarm, vibration and bright red flashing LED's.

    01:04 Calibrating the detector couldn't be easier thanks to a 12 second bump test and compatibility with the AutoRAE Lite calibration and bump test station.

    01:12 RAE systems understand that a detector's place is in the field where it belongs. They've designed the ToxiRAE 3 to be a powerful single gas monitor at an economical price.

    01:22 Thanks for watching, and as always if you have questions about gas detection or the ToxiRAE 3, please feel free to give us a call or visit us online at pksafety.com.
SKU RAE01-G01-0101-000
Product Weight (lbs.) No
Ship Weight (lbs.) 3.0000
Brand RAE Systems
MPN G01-0101-000
5th Sensor No
Type Single-Gas
Price $200.00

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  • The ToxiRAE 3 from RAE Systems comes with a black plastic calibration adapter. This allows for a metered amount of cal gas to be flowed across the sensor when either calibrating or bump testing the instrument. This cap should not be used during normal operation.

    The gas detector comes calibrated and fully ready for use right out of the box. A card with calibration information (date, etc) comes with each instrument. For maximum accuracy, the unit may be calibrated. In general, we recommend once every 6 months. This may be done more often if you like, depending on your requirements. A cylinder of calibration gas and a regulator are required to do this, and it can easily be done by the user. Might cost about $250 to purchase these parts, or we can calibrate for you, approx $75 including return shipping.


  • For changing the battery on the RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3, you need to remove the 5 #1 philips screws on the back (black side) of the instrument. I suggest removing them completely, and carefully setting them to the side. You do not need to remove the screw holding on the alligator belt clip, as this is attached to the back only, and does not go through. Once the screws have been removed, hold the instrument upright. With the belt clip in your right hand, use your left index finger to tug at the slot on top of the silver side of the instrument. It should separate easily.

    The battery is a RAE Systems part number 500-0076-100

    Once the battery has been replaced, place the back on the instrument. You may have to work it around a bit to make sure that it is seated properly before attempting to put in the screws. This will insure that the seals are engaged, and resistance to dust and liquids matches factory specs. A slightly cock-eyed plate can still be tightened down, but not fully seal. Tighten screws until snug. No need to over tighten.


  • Yes there are preset alarms. The low alarm is set for 35 ppm, the high alarm is set for 200 ppm.

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