RKI Eagle 2 725-101-P

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The 5-Gas Eagle 2 Gas Monitor contains the standard 4 gases (LEL, O2, CO and H2S) as well as the PID to measure VOC's (volatile organic compounds).

Instrument Kit Contains:
  • 5 ft. polyurethane hose with standard gas fittings
  • 13-0100RK Shoulder strap
  • Internal hydrophobic filter
  • Batteries, C-size alkaline
  • Training video and spare parts list
How often do I need to calibrate my gas monitor?

Part Numbers:
725-101-P1 5-gas Eagle 2 with LEL,O2, H2S, CO and PID (range 0-50PPM)
725-101-P2 5-gas Eagle 2 with LEL,O2, H2S, CO and PID (range 0-2000ppm)
815-101-P1-DLV Calibration kit for 5-gas Eagle 2 montior 725-101-P1
815-101-P2-DLV Calibration kit for 5-gas Eagle 2 monitor 725-101-P2
SKU RKI01-725-101-P_
Product Weight (lbs.) No
Ship Weight (lbs.) 6.0000
Brand RKI Instruments
MPN 725-101-P
5th Sensor No
Type PID
Price $3,795.00

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  • RKI uses 12% O2 to calibrate their sensors. Each manufacturer uses different percentages for their sensor calibration levels. It's a way to ensure consumers use their specific calibration gas.

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