BW MicroDock II Docking Station BW01-DOCKII

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The MicroDock II is a simple, efficient way to bump test, calibrate, and charge your GasAlert series portable gas monitors. This unit comes with a controller unit and a monitor-specific cradle. The MicroDock helps ensure each of your gas monitors is fully operational and will alert your team to dangerously high levels of toxic gases that they may encounter in the course of their work.

The MicroDock will calibrate and bump test monitors. It will also verify the status of the audible and visual alarms.

Each gas monitor cradle unit displays a clear indicator for the readiness of each device. Three bright LED warning lights are in place: Yellow for 'TESTING', green for 'PASSED' and red for 'FAILED', so you can quickly tell which of your hand-held detectors are safe for use.

Coming with the Fleet Manager II software you can take complete control of each device; from the download and management of data logged over their use to tweaking individual settings that are not available through the monitor interface.

The MicroDock II also downloads the data recorded by these versatile hand-held alert monitors, via the Fleet Manager II software. Ensure compliance by making your datalogging more convenient.

The system is expandable and can run up to seven different modules. The entire GasAlert line of BW monitors can be run on this system: the Max XT II, the Quattro, the Micro Clip and each of the Micro Clip Extreme and Micro 5 series.

To expand this system by add more cradles to your MicroDock II, click here for additional cradles.

Key Features:
  • Expandable - One controller can operate up to seven (7) monitors
  • Reliable calibration and bump testing
  • Bright LED lights clearly indicate PASS, FAIL and TESTING status
  • Verifies the status of the audible and visual alarms
  • Streamlines datalogging
  • Allows access of advanced monitor customization menus
How often do I need to calibrate my gas monitor?

Ordering Notes:
If you intend to run more than one type of BW monitor on an expanded system - for example two GasAlert Micro Clip XTs and one GasAlert Max XT II - please contact customer service so we can help you properly configure your device.

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