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The BW Honeywell GasAlert Quattro Four-Gas Monitor features a large, clear screen so you can continuously monitor the levels of the gases and check to make sure the device is functioning (a small heartbeat indicates everything is okay). The Quattro's IntelliFlash system gives you continuous information as to the operational state of the device, so you can be sure that it is active and keeping you and your team safe.

The Quattro has four full-sized sensors to detect oxygen (and any serious atmospheric changes therein), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) and the LEL of a variety of dangerous flammable/combustible gases (LEL). Should anything troublesome occur while you are on the job, the BW Quattro's 95dB alarm, vibration alert and an array of warning lights will let you know.

The BW Quattro is ideal for confined space entry and comes calibrated with a fully charged battery and ready to use out of the box. The Quattro we stock comes with changeable rechargeable batteries, offering hours of run time. Should it be needed, you can easily swap the batteries for alkalines in the field, though this does require purchasing the alkaline battery pack. A hex Allen screw keeps the battery in place until a change is needed.

If you're looking for a confined space entry gas monitor with an internal pump, consider the GasAlert Max XT II also from BW Honeywell. While the Quattro is slightly smaller and lighter (and also without pump) when compared to the GasAlert Max XT II, it is equally durable. What it lacks in pump, you can make up for with the Confined Space Accessory Kit, should you need this functionality.

As is standard across their range of toxic-gas detectors, BW Honeywell has implemented a one-button control system, designed for easy use even with gloved hands. The Quattro's simple, fool-proof interface means that you won't have to spend extended periods of time training your staff; properly charged and programmed, you can have full confidence that should anything untoward occur, they will know about it long before it becomes serious.

The Quattro is compatible with the MicroDock II for charging and data logging, as well as Fleet Manager II software, enabling you to customize the alarm boundaries (via the IR Data Link Kit, as found in the Deluxe Confined Space Accessory Kit) to match your company's safety standards. You can change the tolerance of various exposure times: Short Term Exposure Limits (STEL; 5-15 minutes), Long Term Exposure Limits (LTEL; ~8 hours) as well as high/low values for each gas to better suit your particular site needs.

Each unit comes individually packaged in a cardboard box that includes the 120V AC battery charger, operator's manual, cd-rom owner's manual, calibration/bump test adapter and 18 inches of clear pvc tubing, double-ended screwdriver (No. 1 Phillips-5/64 hex Allen) and factory calibration certificate.

Please note that there is an option to purchase the calibration gas separately as an option above. Calibration gas will not arrive at the same time as the monitor. It takes between 5-7 days to ship due to HazMat regulations. Click on the link below to take you to the calibration gas page.

BW 4-Gas Calibration Cylinder

Optional Accessories:
Vehicle Power Adapter

  • Size: 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.9 in. / 13.0 x 8.1 x 4.7 cm
  • Weight: 11.15 oz. / 316 g (with rechargeable battery pack) - 11.92 oz. / 338 g (with alkaline battery pack)
  • Temperature: -4 to +122F / -20 to +50C
  • Humidity: 10 - 100 percent RH (non-condensing)
  • Alarms: Visual (six red LED lights), vibrating, audible (95dB) - low, high, STEL, TWA, OL (over limit)
  • Tests: Sensor integrity, circuitry, battery and audible/visual alarms on activation, battery (continuous), sensor (continuous)
  • Pump: Compatible with the sampler motorized sampling pump
  • Battery life: AA alkaline: 14 hrs (+68 to 122F / +20 to 50C) Rechargeable: 20 hrs (+68 to 122F / +20 to 50C) 18 hrs (-4 to +32F / -20 to 0C)
Sensor Specifications:
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S): 0-200 ppm, 0.1 ppm (resolution)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO): 0-1000 ppm, 1 ppm (resolution)
  • Oxygen (O2) : 0-30.0 percent, 0.1 percent (resolution)
  • Combustible gases ( percent LEL): 0-100 percent LEL 0-5.0 percent v/v, 1 percent 0.1 percent (resolution)
How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Monitor?

Product Manual:
Gas Alert Quattro Manual

Part Numbers:
QT-XWHM-R-Y-NA; 128836
Alternative Model: QT-XWHM-A-Y-NA - Alkaline version (NOT a stock item. Please call/email for pricing and availability.)

  • BW Honeywell GasAlert Quattro 4-Gas Monitor QT-XWHM-R-Y-NA BW Honeywell Gas Alert Quattro Four Gas Monitor H2S, CO, O2, LEL

    BW Honeywell Gas Alert Quattro Four Gas Monitor H2S, CO, O2, LEL

    GasAlert Quattro Video Transcript

    Hi this is Rick Pedley and welcome to PK Safety. Today we're going to show you why so many of our customers have decided to trust their health and safety to the durable BW GasAlert Quattro 4-gas diffusion monitor. This portable, easy to use, multi-gas detector shares many of the same reliable features with BW's GasAlert Max XT II, minus the internal sample draw pump. The lack of a pump means the batteries are going to last longer and its robust construction means the GasAlert Quattro is equally as durable.

    00:32 Diffusion monitors are meant primarily for open air environments, but if confined space entry should become necessary, the Quattro does have an available confined space entry accessory kit. This kit features everything you need to remotely sample air, and allows you to take advantage of the monitor's full range of capabilities. As with all BW toxic gas detectors, the GasAlert Quattro features a one button control system meant to be easy to use, even when wearing gloves. This simple, foolproof interface means you won't have to waste valuable time training your staff on complicated technology. The detector's Fleet Manager 2 software allows customized alarm settings to match your company's safety standards as well as compatibility with BW's MicroDock 2 for charging and data logging.

    01:16 The Gas Alert Quattro features four sensors capable of detecting dangerous levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and the lower explosive levels of a variety of flammable and combustible gases. The detector's large, clear screen continuously displays gas levels and can be set to flip mode so you can easily read it while attached to your belt. Should you encounter troublesome gases, the Quattro's 95 decibel alarm, warning lights, and vibration will alert you immediately.

    01:43 The BW GasAlert Quattro is a reliable, easy to use and durable 4-gas diffusion monitor. If you're looking for a superior detector to ensure safety for you and your team, the GasAlert Quattro just might be the perfect tool for you. Thanks for watching and as always, if you have any questions about the GasAlert Quattro, or gas detection in general, please feel free to give us a call or visit us online at
Product Weight (lbs.) .8
Ship Weight (lbs.) 1.3000
Brand BW Honeywell
5th Sensor No
Type Multi-Gas
Price $612.00
  1. Built tough Review by Andy Tasman

    Our team uses these monitors because they are more rugged than others we have tested. We have dropped them in the mud, run over them in the field and done other things to them we would never admit to HQ and so far they continue to work. Can't beat the large screen. (Posted on 3/29/13)

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  • The Quattro comes with a fully-charged battery and is calibrated and ready to use right out of the box.

    BW Technologies by Honeywell recommends that the sensors be calibrated at least once every 180 days (6 months). Click here for more information about calibration frequency.


  • The Alkaline battery pack (with batteries) is an easy order through our Customer Service. It's currently $50 and the part number is QT-BAT-A01. Please give us a call at 1-800-829-9580 for help ordering.

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